Tez Nubian Queen – Expressing Herself With A Range Of Styles 1

Tezonia Quartman, known as “Tez Nubian Queen” has recently added a series of new songs to social media, including her Youtube. The R&B, Soul & rap artist uses her music as self expression- A way of expressing her feelings passionately through the material she writes.

Whilst listening to some of her songs, you can notice styles vary slightly, this reflecting a diverse range of music and production. The song “Grow Old Along With Me the best is yet to be”, offers a sombre yet powerful approach- Stripped back with gentle string and piano accompaniment, with rap style lyrics. Where as, “Bleeding in Your Love” offers a more traditional R&B beat. “Thot Bitches” gives a classic hip-hop/ gangsta rap sound. All this suggests Tezonia Quartman can express and reflect her feelings through a broad and diverse style of music. She also has a beautiful unique distinctive polished voice. and self described as a “triple threat”.

Tez Nubian Queen – Expressing Herself With A Range Of Styles 2

An obvious natural in music production and expression, Tezonia Quartman has been singing for decades. In fact, she first started at the age of only 5. With great inspiration drawn from her father, and massive artists like Whitney Houston – this gives her the driving force behind her own music.

“Singing is my passion, and i work very hard to excel at my music craft. I enjoy challenges, music is a freedom of expression, and music is my way of expression myself. I always strive to be the best I can be.” – Tez Nubian Queen

Tezonia also explained that she draws influences from R&B, Soul & Hip-Hop artists that range across three decades. Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Keyshia cole, Brandy span from the 90’s, to present times.

The Mrs Dunston EP album is dedicated to her husband, and their marriage. The song on the album’s include Bleeding in Your Love, Grow Old Along With Me, The Best Is yet To Be, Sacrifice, Voodoo, and Addicted.

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