BlackBerry’s First National Image Spokesperson Network audition hot open 1

BlackBerry’s First National Image Spokesperson Network audition will hot open in colorful May. The theme of the activity is “I SPEAK FOR THE BLACKBERRY”, is to promote a healthy culture, advocate the concept of health and enjoy the quality of life. In the new era of national health, the National Health Carnival, which was launched by BlackBerry, is slowly drawing up.

BlackBerry’s First National Image Spokesperson Network audition hot open 2

“I SPEAK FOR THE BLACKBERRY” is a health activity for all citizens, and also an extremely health experience, which leads people to think about new lifestyles and ways of health, and it also expresses people’s longing for a better life. “The people’s health is an important symbol of the prosperity of the nation and the country’s prosperity and strength.” Since the implementation of the healthy China strategy in the 19th National Congress of the People’s Republic of China has been placed on the status of the national strategy. The large-scale health industry has become the national strategic pillar industry. It is foreseeable that in the next decade, the construction of Health China will be promoted in an all-round way, and it is also a golden period to vigorously develop the healthy industrial system and greatly enhance the health service capability.The Siyuan brand actively responds to the call of the country, vigorously develops the large health industry system with Chinese characteristics, promotes the organic convergence of the health industry and the health industry, meets the growing health needs of the people, and helps the process of “healthy China”.

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In recent years, with the transition of people’s living standard from well-off to affluent, and the awareness of health has increased, people have been more and more concerned about the quality of life and health and safety. Based on maintaining the health of the entire nation and realizing the long-term development of the country, the Siyuan brand has set up a “health Road” centered on the people. The “Saiyuan” brand bears many consumers’ recognition and trust in product, service and cultural value. Good reputation and market foundation provide a solid backing for the company’s lean, scale and brand of the BlackBerry.

Without universal health, there is no overall well-to-do society. The activity “I SPEAK FOR THE BLACKBERRY”positively promotes the attitude of healthy living of all people and fosters a healthy lifestyle of whole people. It aims to create a new experience of healthy participation, strong influence, and wide coverage of all people’s health, which is in line with the strategic decision of “Healthy China”. At the same time, it also maintains the people’s health rights and interests, which will certainly set off a wave of national health and new trends throughout the country.

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