KCMA and Services and Pure Maple Syrup Nutrition Facts | Indiana 1
KCMA and Services and Pure Maple Syrup Nutrition Facts | Indiana 2

Waterloo, IN. KCMA and Services LLC in Indiana is the best place to buy high quality maple syrup for toffee and many other things. Maple syrup nutrition is something that most people overlook. While it is essentially sugar in nature (up to 67%), this is hardly a reason to avoid it. On its own, maple syrup has 24 different antioxidants, minerals, manganese, and zinc.

History suggests that maple syrup is evaporated sap from maple trees. It produced in grade A and B variations. Grade A maple syrup popularly used in breakfast pancakes, condiments, and cooking. KCMA and Services LLC produces Grade A and B syrup. Grade B syrup is formed from the sap of the latter harvest season and composes a darker and richer texture. But sometimes it could be harvested in a middle of season.

Anthony Bennett, one of their clients, had this to say about the homemade syrup, “If you love real maple syrup, look no further than Indiana, where Brian Walker makes the best maple syrup I ever tasted. I live in Seattle Washington where there is no real homemade Maple syrup. If you have children, they would love it.”

Maple syrup nutrition is often overlooked, but pure maple syrup has a list of surprising benefits, starting with the heart. Consuming the right amount of maple syrup sustains the body’s daily allowance of zinc, which enhances endothelial cells that protect from excess cholesterol. The same goes for targeting inflammatory diseases like arthritis and inflammatory bowel causes. As you already know, antioxidants are found in berries, tomatoes, tea, and whole wheat – add maple syrup to that selection. Maple syrup is mostly recommended as a flavor enhancer to beverages, instead of using sweeteners or white sugar. The glycemic index score of maple syrup is 54, and with this, it lowers blood sugar levels. Certain antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin and carbenicillin have maple syrup extract to boost their healing effects, and combining it with raw ingredients such as yogurt and rolled oats, can make it good for the skin.

Pure maple syrup is a real treat and is one of KCMA and Services LLC’s best products.  The Walker family launched its maple syrup business with founder Brian leading what has been done across generations. With his father’s 21st century family tradition, KCMA & Services has now reached a new generation of pure healthy products for loyal clients.

KCMA & Services LLC is located in Waterloo, Indiana. Contact them via phone at 260-645-0885, or via email at admin@kcmaas.com

For additional information, visit their main official website at https://kcmaas.com/.

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