The Braided Rug Company Soars Above Competitors with Organic Rugs

The Braided Rug Company Soars Above Competitors with Organic Rugs 2

Wales, UK – The Braided Rug Company, a UK based rug selling company that specialises in the sale of American made braided rugs, has made a name for itself through its release of various organic products that cater to a large population of environmentally motivated people. The UK and Europe actually both have a pretty large demand for this type of rug,so they also bring in high quality organic jute fibre rugs from Bangladesh.

With the increase in popularity of these kinds of rugs, more and more options and styles became available. However, it became difficult for consumers to find a reliable braided rug supplier that used actual organic jute fibre as the base material. Jute is often used as a cotton replacement and has the benefit of providing natural comfort without causing any skin irritations, which is what makes it so sought after among consumers.

The issue with finding a durable and environmentally friendly rug solution has created more than one headache for consumers throughout their struggle as cheap, poorly made rugs are all too common. Upon seeing these troubles come to light, The Braided Rug Companyhas sought to create rugs that are high performance as well as environmentally and people friendly. A jute rug is made out of a material that is naturally decomposable while also offering heat and sound insulation as well as low thermal conduction.

With thoughtful rug creation and marketing, this company has grown considerably from the humble rug seller status that it began with. After expanding and opening a manufacturing company, this team began producing all kinds of other products that have been a hit with customers. Organic jute placemats, organic jute baskets, and various types of braided rugs are all a part of the arsenal of natural products available on their website. Some images of their products can be viewed on their Facebook page as well at

The Braided Rug Company prides itself on the high-quality materials that they use in their production as well as the positive relationship they maintain with their manufacturing teams that work together to provide the best braided jute rugs to consumers. They regularly post any news and updates on their Twitter account at

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