Tropitoken is a Decentralized Autonomous Community project with an aim to use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for building its own real life and digital ecosystem for managing information, resources, and assets more efficiently. The project will be funded through an ICO.

The blockchain is well-known in the financial realm, but the technology can be used as the foundation for innovative applications in other fields. Real estate is one of these. Tropitoken aims to connect real life communities through the blockchain to create a new standard of economy and living. The project will use its own cryptocurrency, TPN Token, to pay for transport, properties, rent, energy, food, and other services in this industry.

The presale period for the token started on June 30, 2018, and will end on July 28, 2018. Funds collected from the presale will be used to secure initial funding and to build a foundation in a site selected by the community. 100.000.000 TPN will be released for presale, 40% of which will be allotted for establishing the TPN Foundation, 20% for marketing, 20% for UBS concept, and 20% for creating an alpha version app. All token holders will get voting rights on topics related to the community and make policy decisions together through smart contracts. They can also use the token to trade on exchanges. Early birds will be able to enjoy great discounts and get a chance to be part of a community with like-minded individuals.

Tropitoken is secured through the Ethereum network and is jointly owned by the token-holders. Community votes will lock prices in the TPN ecosystem for a definite period of time. For instance, the community can decide that one month’s rent will be 1000 TPN. Once a unanimous vote is obtained, the prices will be locked for a long time. Tropitoken hopes that through this, they will be able to establish a stable digital currency that could withstand fluctuations and market changes. This will also prevent TPN from becoming a conventional physical asset or stock share.

Tropitoken will be launching scalable and modular concepts to create the highest quality living standards for the community. Examples of such concepts include lightweight construction buildings such as dome and container houses that are equipped with smart home features. Buildings will also get digital tags instead of landmarks or street addresses. These digital tags will be the Wallet Address of the building. Mail will be delivered through these tags and utility bills will be deducted from the community member’s digital wallet. Data could be anonymously gathered and analyzed as well.

About Tropitoken:

Tropitoken is the first Decentralized Autonomous Community fully driven by the community members. Token-holders can vote on every community-related topic and stay connected with the most refined concepts of living, self-sufficient resource management, and high-tech infrastructure. The blockchain-community project is jointly owned by the token-holders and uses the TPN Token to pay for various services in this industry. 

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