July 12th, 2018 – Rocky River, OH – With Science constantly searching for innovative physical therapy methods, Nikola Innovation’s Zivo® bike pedals — designed to harmonize riders’ body with bike, was recently recommended in a research conducted at Gonzaga University, as an effective means of physical therapy for individuals who have issues with their knees, hips or ankles.

The study of Nikola’s Zivo® bike pedals as a means foraiding people with bad knees started with a research project on how to increase power for cyclists — by changing the pedal path and using more muscles in riders’ legs. The first lab study produced a result with 70% of riders showing consistent power improvement. This feedback prompted an IRB clinical research study at Alleghany General Hospital and recently, another at Gonzaga University, to understand how the bike pedals help alleviate pains in the knees, hips and ankles of users.

The three-year study conducted at Gonzaga University was just published, showing favorable results, accompanied with the benefits of Zivo® bike pedals as a tool for physical therapy. The study, which was  carried out by Ryan McCulloch, PhD Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Physiology Gonzaga University, had him concluding ; “In quantitative biomechanical lab testing, Nikola Innovation’s Zivo® bike pedals resulted in increased recruitment of stabilizing muscles in the legs, and also improved lateral tracking of the knees and feet throughout the pedal stroke.” The concluding statement which summarizes the study can be found here.

Nick Stevovich, CEO/Founder Nikola Innovation, expressed his anticipation over the findings of the research.  “We are excited to reach another milestone with the Gonzaga University study validating the ability of Zivo® bike pedals to help cyclists with knees, hips and ankles issue, while also opening new opportunities in physical therapy application and spinning clubs.”

For more information about Nikola Innovation and how to procure the  Zivo® bike pedals, please visit the company’s website at or call 707-335- 9486.

About Nikola Innovation

Nikola Innovation is an innovative manufacturing company that creates bike pedals with a unique concept to improve pedalling efficiency and rider comfort for cyclists through its patented Zivo® technology. Nikola Innovation designs new products that improves cycling and helps users ride in comfort, with optimal performance.

Nikola Innovation’s patented Zivo® technology combines the movements of a skater and cyclist into one smooth motion that provides new efficiency, comfort, and power for the cyclist — a great bike pedal for bad knees. The Zivo® bike pedals are designed to address the millions of cyclists who have pains in their knees, hips or ankles, from riding bikes. The Zivo® motion is achieved through a simple cam motion. The company currently works with world-class hospitals and universities in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, New York, and Spokane, designing bike pedal systems as tools for physical therapy and preventive measures for issues with knees, hips and ankles.

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