How To Get Gorgeous Skin at Every Age – The Best Anti-Aging Secrets with Age Stop Switzerland 1
How To Get Gorgeous Skin at Every Age – The Best Anti-Aging Secrets with Age Stop Switzerland 2
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We’ve all been there: That moment mid-appointment when you catch yourself shamelessly staring at your hairdresser, dermatologist, or dentist and thinking, How the heck does she pull it off? What’s the secret to her great hair, pore-free complexion, or flawless teeth? Well, we decided to go straight to the source and find out how to get that ageless look—naturally.

Use sesame oil

First thing every morning, massage organic sesame oil from the health-food store all over body. Working it in wakes you up and really gets your blood circulating. Plus, the oil hydrates a skin, giving it a healthy glow. Then jump in the shower—the oil naturally cleans away dead skin cells.

Consider fish oil

Anti-inflammatories are the best anti-agers out there. From improving heart and immune functions to helping hair grow and skin look supple, they truly do wonders. Take three 500 milligram capsules of omega-3 fish oil in the morning and at night. Look for labels that say, ‘molecularly distilled for purity,’ which means pesticide-free.

Down that java

Avoid stained teeth by drinking coffee quickly. If you sip it over the course of an hour, it keeps coating and recoating. The same goes for other staining liquids, like tea and dark juices.

Blow off base

Stop using foundation every day, because it settles into wrinkles and makes them more noticeable. Start with a concealer just where need it (under-eye area, blemishes, etc.) and follow it with an all over application of tinted moisturizer.

Keep it simple

Companies send so many skin-care samples—and some of them have 10 different steps! But be realistic, so there’s no way you going to sign up for some huge beauty system that costs thousands of dollars and requires a commitment that you are not willing to make. Honestly, here’s simple daily skin-care routine: go home, wash your face with a cleanser, put on a moisturizer, and fall into bed. This simple regimen works well for many people.

Don’t eat white sugar…

The number-one ingredient to avoid in the diet is processed sugar. The reason: It speeds up the aging process by binding to and eventually weakening the collagen in your skin, which can lead to premature wrinkles and sagging. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits every day—and I steer clear of Twinkies at all costs

Scrub with it instead

In the shower, lather hands with a mild cleanser, add a handful of white sugar and slather it all over face and body. It makes skin so smooth and creates a great canvas for makeup.

Add body while you sleep

At night, straighten hair with a flat iron and put it up in a loose ponytail right above forehead—it’s not cute, but don’t care about—and wear it like that all night. When take it down in the morning, it has such a youthful bounce to it.

Pamper your eye area

Treat the skin around eyes separately. Face creams can be too irritating, but products made for this delicate area work wonders for smoothing fine lines. Try to use a gel/concentrate formula; the lightweight consistency keeps eye makeup looking fresh all day.

Spa up your hands

When beginning to notice signs of aging on hands, it is time to start taking care of them with the same routine that is used to take care of a face. Every time exfoliate or use a mask on a face, exfoliate or apply that same mask to the hands, too. Use an enzyme concentrate on both, face and hands. This will make a big difference.

Massage away stress

Moving blocked energy makes feel younger from the inside out. Especially recommended are reflexology and deep-tissue massage.

If don’t have the time or money to get one regularly, you can achieve a lot of the same benefits by taking 20 minutes each day to stretch, meditate, and calm yourself, breathing deeply in and out.

Wear your vitamins

Use an over-the-counter topical vitamin C and Snow Algae cream. It’s a wonderful antioxidant that helps skin repair itself from sun damage. Plus, it has natural sunscreen properties in it, so combining it with daily SPF has a synergistic effect.

Freshen up with fruit

Try to snack on anything with malic acid—like strawberries, apples, and grapes—which act as a natural tooth cleanser and help break down stains.

In a rush? Think primer

If you are running out of the house and don’t have time for makeup, just put an illuminating primer all over face and chest. It contains tiny reflective particles that help bounce light around the skin and make fine lines less noticeable.

Work an angle

Try to wear your hair layered around a face, even if it’s just a tiny bit of fringe around the cheeks. This style will have a lifting effect on your features; cuts that are all one length draw the eye downward and give the illusion of droopiness.

Try this hair trick

Instead of using a styling gel to control curls, scrunch a nickel-size amount of conditioner or treatment mask into a damp hair before blow-drying. The conditioner not only tames flyaways and frizz but also provides serious hydration, which is the key to younger-looking hair.

Love your lashes

Take care of your lashes, so they don’t get brittle and dry—and eventually fall out. Secret is: When applying cream at night, dab a little bit extra onto the tips of lashes with my fingers so they stay moisturized and healthy.

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