Shopify has become a well-known online platform for e-commerce. When Shopify was launched in June 2006, the idea of selling items online was an up-and-coming idea that was just starting to catch on, but that it did. E-commerce is an incredibly popular method of marketing, selling, and profiting by way of the world wide web.

Establishing a presence among all the other e-commerce platforms is the first challenge a new platform must overcome. The company has checked this off the to-do list for new platforms. Shopify has already made a name for itself in the industry. People know about the platform and it is one of the most common choices that online sellers turn to when setting up their stores.

After a company establishes its footing in their respective industry, it has to find ways to stay current and exciting. It’s important to keep ideas fresh and come up with new components to add to their list of amenities. If nothing changes, the platform becomes very plain and predictable. Offering additional features expands the options that users can choose from, and this is incredibly important for businesses competing against other companies, because everybody prefers variety over limited options.

Recently, Shopify unveiled a new feature called Shopify Partners. This new add-on is similar to Twitter’s “verified” feature for popular, accredited accounts. People who are verified on Twitter can be distinguished from unverified accounts in one simple way. Usually reserved for celebrities and politicians, verified Twitter accounts have a white-and-blue checkmark next to their name on their Twitter profile.

Shopify Partners is like verification for Shopify users. It is a program that certifies people as experts on Shopify. The website itself advertises its Partner Program as “a partnership that takes you, and your business, to the next level.” The Shopify Partner Program expands networks for freelancers, store owners, and entrepreneurs.

Logic Inbound, a Seattle-based digital growth marketing agency, looked into the details of the Shopify Partner Program . Partnering with Shopify provides your company with more prestige and credibility. Shopify already has incredible perks such as its association with Amazon, as well as its proven safety for buyers and security for sellers.

E-commerce is becoming more and more common over the years. With an emphasis on digital and accessible content, businesses are recognizing the importance of an online presence since so much of our world is based online. There are over 400 million active Shopify stores to date, and that number will only continue to grow.

Logic Inbound, a leader in SEO and e-commerce, has come up with nine tips for businesses hoping to grow their online sales and improve their marketing techniques. These tips include improving SEO, developing mobile and email marketing campaigns, and producing excellent content to go along with their store.

If you have any questions, be sure to head over to Shopify’s live chat app for immediate service. You are also encouraged to reach out to Logic Inbound’s PR personnel for more information.

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