To get the best tree fell a around, call the ‘Top Notch Tree Service’. From a prune to a cut to a stump removal yon need a professional. Pruning trees is not easy and it takes years of experience and usually some degree of gardening skill. In order to prune a tree so that it grows correctly, be it a fruit tree or just a decorative tree, experience counts.

Located in the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Top Notch Tree Service (  will perform surgeon like precision in pruning a tree. But that’s not all. The following is a range of services that are provided by Top Notch Tree Service:

  • Tree removal, which includes clearing away all the shrubbery etc.
  • Tree trimming or pruning
  • Stump removal
  • Clearing storm damage caused by fallen trees etc.
  • Stump Grinding& removal

In a perfectly laid out and attractive garden, there is possibly one eyesore. A tree that:

  • Sheds it’s leaves most of the year and in winter
  • Has roots growing into the drain and sewer pipes
  • Is unsightly and needs to be removed
  • Is unstable or diseased
  • Possibly storm damaged, viz. lightning.

Look no further, for, serving the greater area of Fredericksburg, Stafford and Spotsylvania is the Top Notch Tree removal service. Accredited by the BBB or more known as the Better Business Bureau since 2011, Top Notch have an A+ rating. They have friendly service and are insured for the protection of the owner of the property which is important.

Felling a tree looks like a simple operation and many home gardeners hire a chain saw to make cuts in the tree to ensure it comes down. It will definitely come down, however, has it fallen on a wall, or in the pool or possibly damaged the house? Felling a tree is a dangerous or hazardous business and must be left to the professionals. Top Notch Tree Service has the correct experience to ensure the tree falls where they want it to fall. There are occasions where the tree is too tall and therefore needs trimming before it is felled.

Stump removal is another avenue that requires sheer hard work. Tree roots have a habit of either snaking along the ground and growing under places where they can’t be seen. They can also grow to a great depth. To make sure the entire stump is removed is no easy task. Again, it is better to call a professional than to try it oneself. If a property has recently been acquired and it is full of bush and scrub it is no easy task to clear it, plus remove all the rubbish from the site. Top Notch Tree Service will take the hard work out of clearing the lot properly prior to using the space. Similarly, storms occur at intervals during the year and in many cases, trees fall and block roads and house entrances. This emergency work clearing a road or entrance to property is promptly handled by Top Notch Tree Services. Cutting up and removing a fallen tree also requires a great deal of experience whilst the work itself is usually of an urgent nature.

So, there seems little doubt that Top Notch Tree Services, with their 13+ years of experience provide an essential service and have the know-how to perform these tricky operations. Ask them for a quotation before the tree falls in the wrong place or urgent clearing is required. For a free quotation look at

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