Los Angeles, CA – July 17, 2018 – Sleep disorders are a growing concern. Now there are solutions approved by the FDA designed for patients eighteen or older with mild cases of sleep apnea. Oral appliances are available for purchase online. However, with a doctor’s consultation, your sleep issues will be accessed so that the proper device can be custom-made for your individual needs.

FDA Accepted Devices

The Food and Drug Administration approves sleep apnea devices. Currently, the FDA has supported over 65 appliances that are deemed safe and will perform as suggested. These appliances are used for obstructive snoring disorders.

Symptoms of Obstructed Sleep Apnea

Common symptoms of OSA include snoring, restlessness, and being tired during the day. With these type of disorders, you stop breathing while you sleep. If you are suffering from these symptoms, you are a primary candidate for sleep apnea treatment. Prolonged OSA without treatment can aggravate depression, increase your chances of a heart attack, high blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. With excessive snoring, you stop breathing, and death can occur.

Patients suffering from OSA usually experience unneeded strain on their relationships, their families, and overall, suffer from a lower quality of life.

SomnoDent Oral Appliance

The SomnoDent device is worn while you sleep. The device keeps the upper airway clear and unobstructed. The SomnoDent appliance opens up the airway by increasing the airway’s size, reducing the risk of the airway collapsing.

Somondent appliances are custom-made. The device, being constructed of upper and lower dental plates, allows the normal function of the patient’s mouth opening and closing. Not a large appliance; it can fit in the palm of your hand. The device is easy to store because of its small compact size. Typically, within 48 hours, the average patient is comfortable wearing the device.

These devices are preferred alternative treatments for obstructed sleep apnea and less

costly than other types of OSA treatments. SomnoDent appliances will permit regular mouth opening and patients can carry on a conversation and have a drink while wearing the device. These appliances are FDA approved and are safe and medically useful. SomnoDent devices offer patients a custom-fit, a full lip seal, and can be readily adjusted if needed.

Types of Oral Appliances

A consultation is essential for your OSA appliance. At your meeting, your needs are determined. If you are a good prospect for using an oral appliance, the type of device will be determined, and your appliance will be custom-fitted. Pacific Dental Care offers multiple appliances, including Tap 1, Silencer, Gelb Splint, Sleep Herbst, Respire, Deprogrammer, Tap 3 Elite, EMA, and Serrano Sleeper. The expert team at Pacific Dental Care can help you select your appliance after a consultation.

You are probably saying to yourself: Everybody snores, so why should I be concerned? A person who snores can wake up fifty or more times an hour and have no recollection that they snore at all. Why are you waking up so much? By waking up, you are just awake long enough to clear your airway so you can breathe. The apparent side effect is you are tired the next day because you have had no deep sleep; making you restless, tired, and exhausted all during the day.

If you suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness, irritable, memory difficulties, confused, prone to accidents, have night sweats, headaches when you wake up, high blood pressure, or obesity, a consultation at Pacific Dental Care can help.

Only a qualified dentist can build, fit, adjust, monitor and treat patients affected by snoring concerns and obstructed sleep apnea. If you have these concerns, contact us at Pacific Dental Care today!

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