What is a migraine? Some of the symptoms of a migraine headache can be vomiting and nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, even an alteration in speech, vision, and other sensations. Migraines become chronic when you are living with these symptoms eight or more days a month.


People who live with chronic migraines are spending half their lives with a headache. Though it’s unimaginable to live with a headache, there are a few statistics that will help you get a better idea, including:


  • Chronic migraine sufferers have fifteen or more headache days each month
  • A migraine can last in excess of four hours
  • A chronic migraine sufferer is anyone who has eight or more headache days per month that are associated with a migraine


However, you do not have to continue to suffer from migraines and headache days as there are treatments available. There are two options for treatment, which are Acute and Preventative. Acute is what the sufferer takes when the symptoms first appear and are available by prescription or over-the-counter. Preventative is a prescribed medicine that is taken over time aiding to prevent or reduces the onset and effects of a migraine headache.


There is another way to treat chronic migraines and headaches and that is at center like the Holistic Healthcare Center in Ontario, Canada. Holistic healthcare treats not only the symptoms of a migraine headache but also treats the entire person as a whole entity.


Another fact about headaches is that taking pain medication can lead to another condition called “Medication Overuse Headache”— this is the reason it is imperative you talk to your doctor about all medications you are taking when being prescribed any new medication.


Some of the common causes for headaches or migraines are:


  • Sensitivity To Certain Foods: Sensitivity to a variety of foods can be the cause of a headache. Some common food items people are sensitive to are sugar, chocolate, cheese, red wine, yeast, dairy foods, wheat, MSG, preservatives, food dyes, and additives.
  • Patterns Of Eating:  We must eat on a regular basis and not wait until we are suffering from a headache; you should plan to eat small meals/snacks every two hours to prevent an eating-induced headache and children should have snacks available for the mid-morning before lunch and mid-afternoon before dinner.
  • Sensitivity To Smells And Scents: Some people are highly sensitive to certain smells like cologne, perfumes, soaps, hair spray, hand lotions, and even glue and whiteboard markers have been known to trigger a person’s migraine headache.
  • Noises: Loud and consistent noises are also to blame for many people having a headache or a migraine.


If you are a headache or migraine sufferer and live in the Ontario, Canada area, the Holistic Health Centre can help you. There are many new and innovative ways to reduce the number of headache days you have each month. As well as help you to discover new ways to reduce and control the pain of migraine headaches.

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