Saving money is the biggest challenge we all face in these harsh economic times. So, how do we stay cool and try to not break the bank with high utility bills? One of the best ways to save energy is to purchase a window air conditioner unit that has an energy saving setting. This energy saving setting will automatically turn on the compressor unit and fan to cool the room and then shuts it off once it reaches the desired setting.


The only electricity being used is to monitor the temperature. Once the temperature starts to rise, the compressor and fan unit kicks in and starts the cooling process. To aid the air conditioner unit you can turn on the ceiling fans in your home to allow the cool air to circulate throughout the home. 


How do you know what size air conditioner you should get for your home? First, you need to determine if you are going to need a 120-volt or a 240-volt unit. Then, you will need to decide if you wish to get a simple window unit or central air conditioning unit. There are companies, like Smile Heating and Cooling, that will help you through the whole process– from initial decision to the actual installation.


When you are shopping for an air conditioner, you need to look at the number of BTUs to see what the cooling capability of the air conditioner is. The higher the BTU, the cooler the air you will receive. There is a chart available that helps you determine how many BTUs the square footage of your home will require to cool to the desired temperature. For example, an average home that ranges between of 1300 sq. ft. to 1600 sq. ft. is going to require roughly an air conditioner that has a cooling capacity of 25,000 BTUs.


It is best to purchase an air conditioner that is ENERGY STAR certified. This type of unit comes with clearly detailed instructions on how to enhance the sealing and insulation around the unit to reduce the amount of air that leaks out. The seal helps to reduce your energy bill in the long run. On average, this type of air conditioner will cost you around $70/year to operate it all summer long. Some of the new air conditioner models have smart capabilities, which allow you to remotely operate its controls with your phone, computer or any other wireless devices you may have.


Should you buy an Air Conditioner or a Swamp Cooler (Evaporative Cooling Unit)?


Swamp coolers are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly since they do not use any chemical coolants. However, a swamp cooler will not be efficient in high humidity, due to there being no evaporation taking place. You will not be able to notice any cooling down.


Portable air conditioners work well in any environment or climate. They function well with dehumidifiers and filters. They also don’t require any permanent installation and can be moved where ever they are needed.


If you need assistance in having your air conditioner installed for this summer season, give a call to some professional air conditioning experts, like those at Smile Heating and Cooling. You will be on the road to a cooler, more energy efficient summer in no time at all.


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