When you are seeking for the care of a loved onefollowing an illness or accident, or elder care for an aging parent, you might not feel comfortable leaving them to fend for themselves. A wonderful option is to hire a home health care company. A home health care company provides the care that’s required along with allowing the elder person the independence of being in their own home.


The aging at home option is quickly becoming the option of choice for many seniors. Due to a recent decrease in coverage that Medicare gives to stay at a nursing facility, seeking a home care company is the next best option.  Aging at your own home is a much more comfortable alternative than moving into a facility for the elderly. The elderly person won’t have to leave their friends or family or give up the special things they have at home.


A permanent facility averages $6,500 a month, while the cost of an in-home care nurse is a fraction of that. With the number of qualified home health care nurses continuously growing, it is not difficult to find an affordable home care company. These healthcare nurses are trained to provide your loved one with the specialized care they deserve.


Some of the additional benefits for allowing a senior to age in place is the decrease in healing time.  The seniors are able to have a higher sense of dignity and self-worth, which makes for a more esteemed quality of life during the geriatric years, as well as an increased state of mental health. Many times, it is not a safe option to allow a senior to remain in their home alone. However, with an in-home care provider, such as at Medway Healthcare, this can turn into the right option. It allows the senior person to be able to enjoy the benefits of remaining in their home.


The professionals at Medway Healthcare are skilled nurses that receive continuous training and have the resources required for giving all patients the utmost quality of care possible. From light housework to companionship, they provide everything that a patient could need. The healthcare providers are empathetic as well as nurturing in the way that the care is administered to each patient.


What is skilled nursing care? This is the type of care one receives from a Registered Nurse (RN), speech, physical, or occupational therapists following an accident, injury, or elder care in a facility. With so many seniors opting for the aging in place option, skilled nurses are now providing these services to patients within their homes. If a doctor prescribes an in-home skilled nurse, Medicare and certain health insurance companies, and even Veteran’s benefits will cover the cost of an in-home skilled nurse.


If you have a loved one who is in need of round-the-clock care, but does not want nor can afford to live in a private care facility, try out an in-home care provider to see what is available. Your loved one will be grateful you took the time to look into the home health care option.

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