Live-Lived has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their unique and innovative ‘AIELOWU Jeannie’ Women’s jeans. Most jeans which are designed for women are crafted only to make fashion statements and not to provide comfort. Fashion designers are mostly focused on providing women with new trending styles, for example, legging jeans, distressed jeans, and others. No brand is offering women a combination of style and comfort, thereby ignoring personal hygiene and other needs, which women require.

Luckily, Live-Lived has come with jeans which feature this golden combination. ‘AIELOWU Jeannie’ that is pronounced as ‘I Love You Jeannie’, provides women with both style and comfort, especially when it comes to restroom affairs. The primary goal of AIELOWU Jeannie is to make the prospect of women wearing jeans a simple and easy task.

The patented jeans have been designed with an opening flap at the front and it is secured with zippers which go up to the rear, hence women don’t need to bring down their jeans while they’re using the restroom. The flap contains another butterfly flap on the interior which is used to cover the whole crotch area. This butterfly flap has been designed with an anti-microbial padding, which serves the purpose of an underwear. It can be effectively used with adhesive panty liners hence there is no need of wearing underwear. However, AIELOWU Jeannie can still be paired with strapless panties if a woman desires so and they will be still assured of convenience and comfort.

AIELOWU Jeannie has been specifically designed to suit the female anatomy. It can be worn anywhere, anytime and it offers great convenience and comfort while traveling, hiking, camping, trekking, etc. It is recommended for daily use and regardless of the time of the month, the jeans make it easier for women to attend to their personal hygiene needs like changing menstrual cup or tampons, in areas with limited privacy.

This product can be worn by women of all professions. The all-inclusive jeans are also suitable for women with disabilities while the space-age inspired design feature makes them suitable for those women who man space stations. More information regarding the campaign can be found on kickstarter.

About Live-Lived Incorporated

Live-Lived Inc. is a startup that focuses on the production of quality, affordable and comfortable fashion. All their products are made of premium organic-natural fibers. Live-Lived designs products that relate to the current modern trends while offering both comfort and convenience. 

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