A storage trailer is much like a storage container, however, storage trailer remains attached to the trailer of the truck awaiting loading at dock-level height. Storage trailers are great for when products need to be transferred to another location because they can be easily hooked up to the truck and hauled away to the desired location.


Some common uses for storage trailers include:


  • Storage trailers are secure and convenient — In contrast to a storage unit or warehouse, the storage trailer can be easily packed up and moved to a new location whenever the owner decides to do so.
  • There is 24/7 access to a storage trailer — You do not have to wait for the manager of the storage or warehouse facility to come unlock the area to allow you access to your belongings in which are stored in the trailer.
  • Relocation is easier — If you need to relocate your belongings for any reason, it will be much easier to do so having them stored in a storage trailer.


Roadlinx Inc. can provide storage trailers to aid in the relocation, distribution, and storage of your merchandise. The storage trailers that are available are sturdy and can endure the natural elements with an outstanding level of defense and safety. You are allowed to keep any amount of merchandise you please into any of the storage trailers. A member of the team will aid you in moving items to secure the trailer on our safe lot.


A storage trailer is a trailer that sits on a truck. It is strong enough to handle large loads that are required to be moved or stored for a period of time. A storage trailer also has other usages, such as aiding contractors and construction companies, business accommodations, farmers and agrarian resources, transfer services, retail and commercial establishments, residential customers, groups involved in the entertainment, hospitality industry, government organizations, and the military.  


Often a storage trailer is used to store merchandise that is not yet in-season to keep it safe and sheltered from the elements until the season comes. Manufacturers and suppliers also find many uses with storage trailers. They often install shelves and pipe racks in which they keep inventory items neatly organized and visible during an inventory.


Construction companies often use storage trailers to store their tools, equipment, and machinery needed for the job. A storage trailer is large enough for very large equipment and keeps everything secure at night, as well as making it easy to move to another job location. Equipment can be organized simply when in a storage container during working hours and to ensure further security a steel lockbox can be secured on the door handle of the trailer to prevent any likelihood of theft.


Storage trailers are a convenient option to storing your belongings in a warehouse or storage facility for many reasons. You have the ability to store as little or as much as you need to with no questions asked and still receive the same security.


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