Cord Blood Banking Pros and Cons Examined by Ten Storks

July 17, 2018 – Thirty years ago the hardest decision soon-to-be parents would have to make in the delivery room (assuming a complication free delivery) would involve the outfit their newborn baby would wear home, or perhaps which people to contact with the limited amount of coins they had for the payphone. Yes, there was time when fathers/mothers/sisters would sit at the hospital payphone bank contacting relatives with the great news, and no, it wasn’t in the time of powdered wigs and muzzle loaded rifles.

This very special post-delivery part of the process has evolved though overtime to take on a much more critical level of importance. Birth plans, specialized hospital gowns, and modern breathing techniques aside; the issue of what to do with the umbilical cord blood has become a critically important issue. This is where public cord blood banks and private cord blood banks have come to play a major role.

With medical advancements in the field of stem cell research and its potential benefits, the issue of what to do with the umbilical cord blood (which is rich in stem cells) has emerged front and center as an issue parents need to discuss.

Central to this issue is the fact that much of the research either supporting or denying the benefits of saving cord blood is brand new, relatively speaking, and largely inconclusive as this process is in its infancy stages. To complicate the issue further is the fact that for most parents this can be an expensive decision costing in the thousands of dollars.

“So what are soon-to-be parents to do? How do they weigh the pros and cons of saving cord blood? How do you decide between a public vs. private cord blood banking, or more simply, do they even know what each option entails? To answer these questions, as well as other pertinent questions new parents need to be asking with regard to saving umbilical cord blood, was created.” said the Ceo.

This website covers: Is Cord Blood Banking Worth It? Umbilical Cord Blood Banking, AABB Accreditation, Carolina Cord Blood Bank, Maze Cord Blood, Alphacord and Cord Blood Kit.

What’s more, this website is not affiliated with any private or public cord blood banks. The information contained within the site is unbiased, and designed to help you make the best decision for your family based on the information available.

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