A unique and secure method is now available to ensure trouble free drain and sewer clearing/cleaning. This service will, at the same time, make sure all methods are used to prevent to the sewer or drain from becoming blocked again.

The Pipe Doctor uses a unique method of unblocking and preventing drains from becoming blocked by the use of CCTV cameras which thoroughly examine a drain. This new and updated method of inserting a CCTV waterproof, specialized designed camera into a blocked drain, can show the plumber where the drain is blocked. The Pipe Doctor makes use of these cameras to find out how and what caused the blockage, also whether it is tree roots or other obstructions that may re-occur and eliminate these problems for good.


Camera Inspection Services. Due to the use of CCTV cameras the Pipe Doctor can perform a professional advanced inspection of any drain/s. This equipment is highly accurate and the operator is able to see exactly where the blockage has occurred. He can accurately measure and determine where above ground the excavation needs to be done, should it be necessary. Furthermore, it is possible that the pipe may be damaged by either letting soil in and other foreign material such as roots from nearby trees etc. The Pipe Doctor will be able to advise on the best course of action should a deep excavation be necessary.


Once this inspection is finished, The Pipe Doctor will be able to carry out repairs. The drain once cleared properly should not block again, unless damaged from the outside. Furthermore, any misaligned pipes or corroded sections can be replaced. There are so many applications for The Pipe Doctor’s precision camera equipment such as retrieving lost trinkets that have accidently fallen into a drain or sink. These can be located by the use of their advanced camera equipment and retrieved. 


There are many other services which can be performed by The Pipe Doctor. Consider this aspect when purchasing a new house. The Pipe Doctor can do an advanced check of all sewers and drains beforehand and issue a report. This camera service can be used on any water pipes, pipes from bathroom drains, storm water drains etc., and that all important, water heating equipment. There are a host of problems that can occur, including checking for leaks in septic tanks that can be seen and require attention prior to the purchase. A good thing to check for is damp on walls or cornices in the rooms of the house and even in garages and outbuildings. If any damp is seen it is a sure sign of some leaks in the pipes. Listening devices can pick up water leaks quite easily also and can therefore affect the purchase price.


The Pipe Doctor, is also an experienced and appointed plumbing service provider for the Northern Virginia Sewer and Line Excavation, offering exceptional plumbing services. This Company is dedicated to providing one of the best camera services offered in Northern Virginia and Fredericksburg. To obtain a free quotation, please look at www.thepipedoctorplumbing.com and arrange for an appointment to inspect.


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