Vecna Robotics AGVs Integrates Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Internet of Things Technologies 1
Vecna Robotics AGVs Integrates Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Internet of Things Technologies 2

With the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies in Vecna Robotics’ automated guided vehicles (AGVs), companies considering an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) program or machine utilization tracking system have a much simpler decision.

The Vecna Robotics advanced analytics and IIoT interface guarantees delivery of visual data to stakeholders throughout the organization with user interfaces uniquely configured to suit the needs of specific users or function areas. Manufacturing data must be accessible to more people to enable them to make faster decisions and accelerate workflows. Ultimately this leads to faster, better understanding and communication of information.

Visual dashboards for tracking utilization can be configured by each user for their own unique use, or for use by functional areas such as machining cells. Personal dashboards allow users to customize part of the interface to suit their individual needs. Plus, multiple personal dashboards can be created to provide quick access to a variety of different information. This data is also available 24/7 for remote viewing.

The inclusion of IIoT monitoring ensures increases in operational efficiency. Eliminating the ripple effect caused by stopped vehicles is a metric of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). OEE evaluates how effectively a manufacturing operation is utilized. The results are best used to identify scope for process performance improvement and determine how to achieve the improvement.

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Vecna Robotics offers a fleet of intelligent, next-generation autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) to optimize logistics and material handling operations. With two decades of experience developing advanced systems for medical and military operations, our case picking, goods-to-person, person-to-goods, robot-conveyor hybrid material handling systems are the most cost-effective in the market. Vecna Robotics is dedicated to helping companies, ranging from Fortune 50s to SMEs, reduce costs, improve throughput, and stay flexible and competitive.

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