Bestselling author, Jonathan P. Mance, launches his brand new, riveting novel titled BLACK CHAMELEONS 1

Baltimore, Maryland – Award-winning author, Jonathan P. Mance, announces the release of his brand new, thrilling and sensational fiction titled Black Chameleons. The Black Chameleons will be on eBook and paperback release on July 24th, 2018. Preorders can be done at

Bestselling author, Jonathan P. Mance, launches his brand new, riveting novel titled BLACK CHAMELEONS 2                           

About The Book

Simply put, the Black Chameleons has everything you could wish for: a killer hook, fabulous, compelling writing, thrills, tension and surprisingly tender moments. It’s fantastic entertainment. It deals with lovers who walk a fine line of acting madly in love with each other while working their individual selfish goals. In a world filled with secrets, deceit and conspiracies, no one is to be trusted. No one is to be taken at face-value.

About the Author

Born in Charlotte, NC, Jonathan P. Mance boasts a wildly successful career as a Black Author and the sole Founder of The Black House Publishing Inc. Upon graduating from High School, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after which he relocated to the DMV, (DC, MD, VA).  While there, he received numerous awards and commendations for his outstanding service.

As a motivated tourist, he has gained extensive and resounding knowledge of people’s culture, religion, government and way of living in general. Throughout his career, Jonathan has always had the best interest of the men and women of the Black community at heart. He wishes to strengthen their zeal and enthusiasm to pursue and build their own instead of settling for less.

About The Black House Inc.

The Black House is a place where people of African descent connect with one another to build real communities. No matter how big or ‘unachievable’ you may think your dream to be, The Black House will provide a chance to accomplish them. 

From his very first book, Love Makes Things Happen, which is also available on Amazon and retail stores worldwide, a movement was born. Are you ready to join the movement? Are you ready to begin your journey, ready to use your words?  The Black House is here to help you regardless of your financial, social or other status in life. You are worth so much more than $15.00 an hour, and at The Black House, you make what you are worth.

Media Contact
Company Name: The Black House Publishing Inc.
Contact Person: Jonathan Mance
Address:P.O. Box 941
City: Harrisburg
State: NC 28075
Country: United States

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