Bluestocking Solutions offers the different perspectives of the business world in interviews with different business owners from all walks of life

Bluestocking Solutions has launched a series of podcasts designed to help business owners of all sizes and types, giving the different sides to owning and operating a business with real-life experiences and tips from different business owners that have distinguished themselves in their chosen field.

Private businesses, particularly the small ones, have been identified as a pivotal part of any economy. This is so as such businesses drive the economy, while also providing employment to citizens and other such residents. However, there is a rather sad statistics that have shown that a significant percentage of businesses do not make it past the first year, with over 50 percent failing to make it to their fifth anniversary. Several factors have been identified for this saddening phenomenon, with business experts, motivational speakers, and other such institutions proffering different solutions. While some of the proffered solutions and tips have helped to some extent, many of them have failed to address the diverse needs of intending and existing entrepreneur as they usually focus on either one side of the problem or the business as the case may be. Bluestocking Solutions is, however, making a difference with its series of insightful interviews with different business owners.

Bluestocking Solutions is interviewing different business owners from all walks of life, giving entrepreneurs and other such listeners the different perspectives of the business environment, consequently helping them to see the different sides of the business. Unlike other tips and solutions, the series of podcasts features interviews from business owners that have been able to grow their businesses from the scratch and making it a giant in their respective industries.

The regular podcasts currently have featured the likes of Dr. Mona G., Shawnail King, Cornelius Brown, and Jordan Ariche. Other business owners that have been interviewed by the BlueStocking Solutions team are Benjamin Perez, Dr. KoffaEd.D, Tory Brown, William Christopher Stephens, and John Fagerholm.

The podcasts are currently available across different digital platforms including YouTube, iTunes, and iHeart Radio.

More information about Bluestocking Solutions can be found on the website. Blue Stocking Solutions is also available across several social media platforms including LinkedIn, Instagram, and You Tube.

Bluestocking Solutions has offices in different locations including Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, and Washington D.C.

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