CyClean: How Blockchain Can Adopt Green Emission 1

The financial development in our social system has been sequential, that includes the transportation process in urban and rural areas and the generation of electricity for allowing lifestyle and business progressions. Nonetheless, these advances represent a double-edged sword; according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 87% of the global population lives in a harmful environment due to toxic vehicular emissions; this reckless procedure could cause a general collapse. To solve these problems, CyClean has decided to adopt an infallible business model:  The Green Emission by a sustainable and eco-friendly blockchain concept.

CyClean: How Blockchain Can Adopt Green Emission 2

Sustainable Business To Business Method

The CyClean approach differs from what any crypto-enterprise has done to date; in current operation,  is cemented on a homonyms Singapur firm. The enterprise creates green emission vehicles and energy systems working through a measurement blockchain platform, made for feedback, gains and environmental preservation.

Clean-energy-based vehicles work with one or several electric motors, altogether eliminating the need for fuels and consequently, any pollution. According to the Electric Power Research company, an electric car is 97% cleaner than a traditional one. The concept of the electric vehicle is still innovative from the industrial perspective but suits a much required environmental-friendly advance to the blockchain technology – which is the leading financial landscape – and its mining process.

The CyClean server connects directly to the chip integrated through wireless streaming; the information, accumulated distance and energy are registered; by using the products clients will be able to mine CyClean coins, the list consists of:

  • Clean Indoor Bicycle
  • CyClean Wearable Band
  • CyClean Bicycle
  • CyClean Motorbike
  • CyClean Car
  • CyClean ESS sunlight unit

The 3 Most Important Advantages of CyClean

1. Use-Reward System

The CyClean focus is put on eliminating the environmental impact generated by fuels and disregarding the ordinary crypto-mining competition that requires massive amounts of power. Instead, the enterprise displays a pre-mining system; at the same time vehicle renters, buyers, and solar panels owners will acquire capital liquidity by utilizing the products. The gained coins will be available in their wallets for later exchanging.

2. Convenient Code

The CyClean platform runs under the blockchain protocol of Ethereum (ERC20), this brings the smart contract features; in this software, the terms of use, security, property management and the benefits rules are automatically executed improving the experience and eliminating intermediaries. Also, allow the information generated by the user and the Cyclean service to be trackable at all times, where the funds will be protected and immutable by the distributed record processing.

3. Straightforward

In order to access the Cyclean system and products, users only have to complete a simple registration procedure within the centralized server. The electronic wallets will synchronize automatically, this way the mining performance will be made organically following the next steps:

  • Rental Request. First, users will access the Cyclean website and make their rental request.
  • Contract, payment, and settlements. After receiving the confirmation by rental service team, the smart contract opens, and they can assign CyClean coin to appropriate CyClean address.
  • Product Delivery. Once confirmed, clients are granted access to the rented vehicle via delivery or picking up.
  • Operation. Finally, users will only need to enter the mobile app one time to track their process and use the CyClean product.

Partnerships And ICO

The company is built around expert core developers team and an efficient and transparent working engine partnerships such as JPay Platform, and New Emotion Inc. as a core sales operator. The Cryptographic assets are backed by the green emission products and the company’s standards are designed to apply to different world markets.

CyClean implements Know Your Customer (KYC) and Whitelist procedures for the participants, with a total amount of 1.2 billion tokens release;  members and collaborators will receive regular benefits as the number of coins increase and the pollution produced by conventional market gets reduced.

Intuitive Future

The Cyclean company and its team of experts are currently working on the research for manufacturing an electric car with the self-driving modality. In addition to the electrical energy stored in its lithium batteries being converted it into mechanical strength -replacing current fuel and required complements- this car will also become a highly competitive outcome with reduced driving risks alongside with costs for owners and investors.

The franchise continues to grow and is expanding within the Asian continent; as the phases advance and more participants join the initiative, the project has the ability to cause an environmental preservation revolution that upgrades into a next level the way businesses are approached, and life quality increases towards a sustainable society and entirely technological.

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