DACC Reproduces Subversive Force by Reconstructing Media Production Relationship using Blockchain Technology 1

The blockchain is regarded as the next generation of disruptive core technology after the steam engine, electricity and the Internet. After the emergence of the blockchain, the development of the Internet, which has been in the ascendant, has suddenly become a “traditional industry”. A recent Deloitte report shows that “The blockchain has the potential to disrupt existing business models, but it can also reshape new ones.” The blockchain would reduce the cost of trust through machine trust, hence obtain large-scale cooperative network with near zero cost. Non-intermediary value transfer network can be created which accelerates value transfer and improves the efficiency of organisational operations.  The blockchain technology may bring subversive changes in the mutual relationships and distributions in a production process, thereby leading to structural changes in all industries.

DACC Reproduces Subversive Force by Reconstructing Media Production Relationship using Blockchain Technology 2

Take changing media production relationship as an example. In the industrial revolution caused by the Internet, the Internet changes the mode of communication and digital media content spread rapidly through the Internet, causing traditional paper media to suffer serious damage after the birth of new media. Now the blockchain gives rise to new communication changes: information distribution is not crossed, multi-point links, full network synchronization and sharing, recording by time stamp, permanent preservation, and not tampering. The new blockchain communication model will once again subvert the media production relationship.

DACC is the world’s first distributed rights management content chain. It uses blockchain technology to bypass content aggregators and platform providers, and reshapes the value communication channels of the content industry. DACC is called the creator of blockchain-enabled content and the changer of this era. From the perspective of the media industry ecology, DACC will realize the de-intermediation and community-autonomous content dissemination methods, improve the fairness of value transfer, and protect the rights and interests of content producers and consumers.

DACC Blockchain Technology Guarantees Copyright Rights of Content Producers and Directly Connects Content Users

The shortcomings of the past paper media model are the passive acceptance of users, poor selectivity, and single communication channel. Then the Internet model makes content production easier to spread and faster, but it increases the difficulty of copyright protection. At the same time, users are mostly aggregate in big platforms and the creators are difficult to profit because the distribution of interests is very uneven.

First, DACC applies IAM to save the copyright, content, and usage information on DACC’s public ledger so that every search and use of the work is well documented, protecting the rights of copyright owners. Secondly, by creating the encrypted digital currency DACC Token, the owner and user of the content are linked. Users can directly purchase the rights from the owner of the content, hence reduces the transaction costs of the consumer. And the content owner can profit directly from the distribution of content, therefore avoids revenue of the original content being extracted by the centralized platform.

DACC applies blockchain technology to make content dissemination transparent, difficult to tamper and independent of intermediaries. Moreover, DACC can achieve safe, efficient and low-cost value transmission. The ultimate benefit is to improve the efficiency of the entire value transfer process from content producer to consumer, to stimulate the productivity of the content creator, and to increase the willingness of users to consume.

DACC Inspires Community to Disseminate Content Independently

No one can resist the blockchain of value interconnection. Everyone needs a fast access to information, and the community is undoubtedly the fastest. DACC has designed an innovative reward mechanism for content dissemination in the community: activities that are helpful to the DACC community, such as writing insightful comments, helping to improve the work, maintaining the operation of the community, sharing community content, and expanding community influence, will receive reward in the form of Token. In order to make themselves more profitable, community members will continue to introduce their friends into the DACC community and share high-quality content, hence a virtuous cycle of content communication is formed and the problem of we-media lacking traffic is solved. DACC’s community operation mechanism makes the collaborative mode of content creation and distribution more dispersed, more efficient, and more connected, forming a new production communication relationship.

Through the blockchain system, DACC establishes a distributed platform of content production and trading, which reduces the traffic costs and solves the problem that a large number of content creators and communicators in the social media era cannot obtain the benefits they deserve. On the blockchain distributed platform, the content creator, content communicator and content consumer can complete the matching transaction of the content by freely setting different trading mechanisms. The platform eventually let free market mechanism determine the content value, enabling both the content creators and communicators to receive high financial returns.

Every revolution comes from the transformation of production relations. This time, the blockchain itself acts as a tool for change. DACC has established a world-class entrepreneurial team and top consultant team to use the blockchain technology to empower traditional industries and to transform media production relations with a win-win concept, thereby changing and promoting the development of the industry.

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