New York, US – July 17, 2018 – Double Drives Sports is pleased to announce the launch of its eponymous game platform, along with its first game, the Double Drive Sports Scramble™.

“Our mission at Double Drive Sports is to design and develop games that are simple, social, strategic and original – this is what we’ve always done, and what we will always do” said Double Drive Sports’ media representative. “We are proud to share our platform with sports fans from all across the globe, and introduce them to our flagship game, Scramble™. We are looking forward to receiving their feedback, and we pledge to launch many new exciting games in the near future.”

Scramble™ is available in two versions – one for pro football (Scramble™ Pro) and one for college football (Scramble™ College). With the slogan “Watch the game, not the players”, Scramble™ aims to bring friends and football fans closer by allowing them to share their enthusiasm for the sport, and revel in the camaraderie shared among those supporting the same teams.

Described by its creators as “a fresh take on Fantasy Football”, Scramble™ is a game where players are called to pick the teams they think will win in upcoming week, and define, on a their level of confidence in them doing so. Then, after “locking in” their predictions, and watching their teams play, players can check back on their Scramble™ standings profile and see how they ranked among their friends or other fans, based on their predictions.

Double Drive Sports will soon release a college basketball tournament game (Buzzer Beater™); a baseball game (Scoring Position); a tennis game (Advantage); a soccer game (Give N’Go), and a golf game (Honors).

Those interested in trying out Double Drive Sports’ Scramble™ can do so by signing up for a free, non-binding trial through here.

Double Drive Sports will announce all new game releases in future communications with the press.

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