Grovedale Air Conditioning Maintenance Considerably Cools Geelong 1
Grovedale Air Conditioning Maintenance Considerably Cools Geelong 2

Grovedale, Victoria – The technicians at Air Conditioning Geelong are helping the residents of Geelong keep cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. Their stated goal is to put residents of the Geelong area in touch with a certified and accredited team of air conditioner repair technicians. They have had experience with a large number of different situations and scenarios, and work on a wide variety of projects. Those interested in learning more about their company can learn more at their website.

The company’s technicians have experience with all varieties of air conditioning systems. A short list of their services includes installation of cooling and heating systems, servicing of air conditioning systems, servicing of evaporative systems, and repairing and re-gassing air conditioning units.

There are three varieties of air conditioning systems: reverse cycle, ducted, and evaporative. The repair team are certified in all of these. However, to the average homeowner, the differences between these may seem obscure at best. Reverse cycle systems are the most versatile of the three. Traditionally, a homeowner would need two different systems to cool or heat his or her house. However, the reverse cycle unit can do both. Provided that the space is not too large, a reverse cycle air conditioner is capable of heating or cooling a space throughout the year. In addition, reverse cycle units are more efficient for heating than the typical space heater, which makes them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Another type of installation that Air Conditioning Geelong offers is the ducted air conditioning system. This system is likely to be the one that more individuals are familiar with, due to their inclusion in popular media. Air is spread throughout a building through the use of ducts that are either throughoutthe ceiling or under the building. Then, the air is blown into the space via a large fan.

Evaporative cooling systems are the final system that the engineers at the company have experience installing. Typically located on the roof, these units draw in warm air from the outdoors, utilizing water evaporation to absorb that heat. This system then uses a duct system to circulate the newly cold air throughout the home.

Australian summers are often unyieldingly hot – and winters can get unbearably cold. An effective air conditioning system is vital to provide a comfortable living experience within either of those seasons. As mentioned, the engineers at Air Conditioning Geelong have done many repairs and installations over the years. They are certified in the installation, repair and service of any of the aforementioned systems and are always welcome to new customers.

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