Foster City, CA – July 18, 2018 – Created to honor to one of the best female DJs of this generation, and show light to future generations about this Icon that emerged from the Bay Area West Coast Hip Hop scene. Pam’s life was cut short, and she passed away in December of 2017.

Pam was a trendsetter in the art of Deejaying, entrepreneurship and inspiring the youth. Through the foundation, Women, youth in music around the world will have a place to nurture and develop their talents and Entrepreneurship. Even before she graduated from high school, pam always knew what she wanted her future to be, and she pursued it passionately

Pam Warren, a devoted daughter, sister, friend, and inspiration to the people graced by her presence, was one of the best female DJs of this generation.  She entered numerous professional DJ battles against men to prove that she was one of the best DJ’s that happen to be a woman. Her effort inspired hundreds if not thousands of women to pursue a Deejaying career.

Her two greatest passions were music and culinary. She didn’t waste time, as she worked side by side with her mother and grandfather at what would be known as her very own Piccadilly Deli & Catering in Foster City, Ca,  Simultaneously, she pursued her passion for music by earning a degree in Broadcast Communications. Around that time, she met a man by the moniker of “Boots Riley”, who together would be better known to the music industry as the group the “COUP” hailing from Oakland, Ca.  Her talents would eventually be recognized by the one and only artist “PRINCE” who chose her to be his touring DJ. Prince was so impressed with her skills and ability to move the crowd that he dubbed her “Purple Pam”.

This led to her fame and notoriety in the music scene while at the same time her culinary operations were a continued success. Many people who were touched by her music, her welcoming hug, infectious laugh, and warm smile mourned this sudden loss.

Although the entertainment industry and the world at large have lost Pam they won’t lose her dreams and goals. In honor of her contributions and aspirations, the Purple Pam Foundation was created to inspire everyone and support young women entrepreneurs worldwide, foster the enrichment of children who are passionate about music and music technology and encourage equal treatment of women in the entertainment industry. The Purple Pam Foundation is able to pursue its missions through a series of donations from people who support Pam Warren’s goals and dreams

About Purple Pam Foundation:

Purple Pam Foundation is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) honoring one of the Entertainment Industry’s greatest female DJs – Pam Warren  aka Pam the Funkstress – Just like her goals, the Foundation aims to provide opportunities and guidance to young women who pursue entrepreneurship, foster the enrichment of children who are passionate about music and music technology and supports the equal treatment of women in the entertainment industry.

For more information, please visit or call 415-746-9114.

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