INTRO: Accessible Artificial Intelligence to Prepare For The Future 1

Those days when we only heard about artificial intelligence (AI) in the cinema are part of the past now. Today, this technology is already at the service of both the most advanced industries in the world and our day to day lives, starting with modern education (both at school and at home). As we already know, the human nature is in constant evolution as well as every industry; the traditional lifestyle and teaching approaches are often perceived as tedious, complicated or useless in modern society.

In current times the tech advances require us to prepare our children, without exception, in order to succeed in a digitalized world. This puts in check those who are a little more conservative or have misgivings with the new landscape. The real prerogative is how to teach our kids about the future with artificial intelligence.

 INTRO: Accessible Artificial Intelligence to Prepare For The Future 2


When talking about artificial intelligence, we refer to the technology behind the devices with the ability to ‘learn’ and solve problems based on gained experience. Trends like social networks, video games, virtual assistants and augmented reality are the new implicit elements of our daily life; not to mention types of energy sources, the cloud and data management and servers are safer than a bunker.

We are already taking advantage of cryptocurrencies and intelligent systems in companies such as INTRO, a blockchain platform built for improving the real estate market using the distributed technology; the fields covered by virtual assistants and artificial intelligence are reaching every sector: software, devices, and websites.  And all of this is in our favor for parental techniques.

Balanced Solutions

Whether we are developers, marketers, stakeholders, real estate brokers or just digital enthusiasts, because of our experiences, perspective, and responsibility, to teach our kids on how to deal with AI future relies on our hands.  As it is explained in Forbes’ article Education Technology Makes The Most Impact In The Least Recognized Places, early instruction will have a major impact on a child’s development.

More and more experts claim to use of AI as learning and development instrument, recently applicated onto teaching different applied sciences in elementary schools all over the world while being cautious on the amount of time in front of the screen.

Parent’s work and dedication are essential for ensuring their kids is building healthy habits, creative personalities and have enriching experiences; you can adopt the following three principles:

  • Education: They must be instructed in it in order to make the correct decisions. Isolating children from the digital pattern because of the “that’s not how I was raised” mentality taken by society is counter-productive.
  • Quality vs. Limits: Temporary limits can be improved by identifying the class of exposure the child has and improving it or giving the child a course or way to go on creation activities
  • Medium: Instead of being the final goal, AI should be the implement. With artificial intelligence, we can continuously improve our children’ social practices such as logical reasoning and self-expression.

In the past, it was difficult to predict which skills would be more valuable in the future. And it was even more complicated to find a connection between the interests of children and those assets. Nowadays, we have accepted that those answers are in a continuous upgrade state. However, we can make the right choices on how to teach our kids about the artificial intelligence future analyzing the present panorama.

In past generations (80s/90s), the Internet and technology enthusiasts later found out that those skills were incredibly valuable the next decades economy. The .com revolution, social media, and built industries and companies like using the example above, INTRO Technology, this recently-released tool for market reports also determines the best time to launch a project by analyzing off-plan property market based on crypto.

Innovative minds are required for the planet to continue functioning. Artificial intelligence has the potential to increase kids brain capacities; It is currently in classrooms, therapies, as different play apps or general entertainment, all to awaken the innovative side within our kids (during the first years of life our brain has the most significant development).

A Bright Future

According to the BBC World Service 2017 interview realized to Cathy Davidson, Distinguished Director of the Futures Initiative and HASTAC at the Graduate Center, CUNY,  65% of children will end up working on a field that has not been invented yet. That includes currently-forming areas of  AI and maybe crypto mining or blockchain protocols.

The habit of cultivating logical thinking will always be a necessary skill, more so if we consider that artificial intelligence only replicates specific human functions, and it is required for people to know how the world, technology, and humankind all work. Children are, indeed, the future.

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