JasonMould Industrial Company Limited on a Mission to Revitalize the Plastic Mould Production Industry with its Services 1
The production of household appliances, medical equipments, electronic equipments, safety equipments as well as monitoring system just got a new direction as JasonMould announces its strategies to increase quality production of these items. Known for their catalyst effect in China and around the world when it comes to production, JasonMould Industrial Company Limited has launched services geared towards better usage of plastic and metals in production of different equipments and systems.

In this Modern Era technological advancement has affected each sector positively and has also helped in an increment of services in different industries. One of these changes is the Rapid Prototyping Service being offered by JasonMould which helps the design team to have a visual understanding of the look and feel of a project rather than through assumptions. One of the advantages of using this service is that it gives the client a more realistic product design than the one seen just through screen, it also saves money and helps to customize design according to customer’s needs.  Materials  used for this service consists of plastics and metals, like ABS, PMMA, PC, aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium alloy and brass etc. At JasonMould Industrial Company Limited, the SLS & SLA is affordable for some small parts.

JasonMould Industrial Company Limited on a Mission to Revitalize the Plastic Mould Production Industry with its Services

As a Plastic Injection Moulding Company they have been able to carry out production of large volumes of finished plastic parts for every kind of commercial and industrial use. This has proven the power of plastic injection moulding over the normal method used by some companies. With plastic injection moulding they have been able to enhance plastic strength through fillers, make use of multiple plastic types, save labor costs, reduce material wastage and produce a flexible product. Another factor that differentiates them from other industries is their advanced material verification, inspection and testing which ensures that customers expectation is met.  With a specialty in producing high-quality plastic injection molded parts and mold tools, they have also been able to produce 50 to 100k+ finished parts all in major resins.

They also offer CNC Machining which is an excellent tool in broad production of metal and plastic elements.  Their CNC Machining Services is valuable as it works with numerous plastic and metal materials such as magnesium, steel, aluminum, brass and titanium to make tooling for plastic injection molding and pressure die casting or to make parts for rapid prototypes and low-volume production. Many industries desire accurate, consistent, complex cuts and at JasonMould that is possible with their CNC Machining Services. As an extra package they also make provision of customized raw material as required, in addition to their stock list. With a fast turn-around, multi-axis, high-speed CNC machining solutions to fulfil most requirements for concept models, prototype parts ,low-volume production components and a surface treatment method, JasonMould Industrial Company Limited is surely the right choice for any CNC Machining.

About JasonMould Industrial Company Limited

Established in 2010, with a factory of over 15000 Square meters and a plastic injection tooling divisions possessing different machinery and expertise, JasonMould Industrial Company Limited  has been in the forefront of the plastic injection moulding industry. JasonMould’s diversification strategy and full service has won compliment from customers all over the world and their tools from small and precise mobile phone parts to as big as automotive parts can be seen mainly in U.S.A., Europe, Japan and UK.  Jason Mould has continued to contribute greatly in the mass production of quality plastic and metal materials maintaining their mission of exceeding customers’ expectations of pricing, quality and on-time delivery, all the while having a positive economy impact.

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