Going back to pre-1776 there were four US states that were partially or wholly British Colonies.  These states were Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Massachusetts and Virginia.

These four states in the United States that called themselves “Commonwealth States” were no different to other states, the only difference being in the name itself.  In fact, they are no different to the US nation as a whole, and it must be remembered that, The US Laws Remain the same.

Thus, the laws in Pennsylvania remain unchanged but for some laws governing marriages, divorces, settlements etc.  These can be set by the governor of a state.  Attorneys-at-law use the same law book as the rest of the country otherwise.  There was an issue where the Supreme Court and the US Federal court differed in that the interpretation of the constitution was not quite the same as they were called a commonwealth state.  However, the US federal Supreme court has the final say.

Looking at Pennsylvania divorce laws, to even start a divorce, both parties must have lived in Pennsylvania for at least six months.  The divorce becomes final only when the decree is issued which is the usual rule.  There is no magic way to begin or end the divorce proceedings whether the action takes place in Lehigh Valley District or in Allentown, Bethlehem or in the surrounding districts or anywhere in the State.

Looking at personal injury cases, it is obvious that the laws pertaining to any claim require the services of a well-versed attorney-at-law who is used to dealing with these cases.  Many of these personal injury cases are settled out of court however, court proceedings must be instituted.

Complex business litigation is also a task requiring a lawyer who has dealt with these actions previously.  In the case of being a business owner and incorrectly wronged or there are accusations against the business, the law will prevail with the assistance of an attorney with the relevant experience.

When it comes to the division of assets, the general state procedures must be met.  All assets and liabilities in the marriage need to be documented and divided equally.  Mediation is fast growing and becoming more popular and an expert in divorce mediation will be of great assistance.  Highly emotional family legal disputes require and expert at family law and a good knowledgeable mediator.

In a high net worth situation involving a business or business interests, an experienced high net worth attorney is also required.  They must be able to place a value on the business when it was started, how it has grown during the marriage and the net performance expectancy of the business, which also has a value.  An accounting and auditing firm has to be brought into the equation to accurately determine the correct value of the business, even performing a due diligence.  After a successful number is reached and agreed upon by both parties, the division can be made and submitted to the court by the attorney for a ruling.  The laws of Pennsylvania, once thought to be different to US Federal laws are exactly the same with the exception possibly of some minor changes made by the governor of the state, Tom Worth, governor since 2015. These changes will not affect normal Federal laws for the State.

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