Mindstir Media is proud to announce the release of two educational, fun children’s books by Cheryl Esposito: We Meet with Manners and We Are Rock’n and Roll’n

We Meet with Manners is a 24-page full-color paperback book ($12.99 retail) that focuses squarely on being polite and respectful to everyone – from friends and acquaintances to even the stranger/passerby. The book promotes the importance of kind gestures and how they can lift the spirits of everyone involved. The pictures demonstrate sign language to assist with early communication and development. 

We Are Rock’n and Roll’n, also a full-color paperback, clocks in at 28 pages and retails for $13.99. The book centers on a fun statement that a parent can use to let kids know it’s time to go out and have fun, without forgetting anything important at home. In fact, the book uniquely shares a series of steps and checklists to help with this organizational task.  

Bestselling author J.J. Hebert on both books: “Cheryl Esposito has done something groundbreaking with these two books: She’s made manners and being organized fun…” 

We Meet with Manners and We Are Rock’n and Roll’n are available in softcover at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram. Please call Rob Rop at 800-767-0531 to arrange an interview or send an email to info@mindstirmedia.com. 

About Author Cheryl Esposito: 

Cheryl Esposito came from a corporate background and has since become a full time Mom with three children under 4 and an amazing husband.  She has always enjoyed writing, but her children inspired her to write about everyday routines and family fundamentals… 

A quick message from Cheryl Esposito: “My husband provides me the support to believe in myself and never lose faith in who I am.  I believe, if there is something you have always thought about doing, you should always follow through.  Having children has given me one more reason to follow through.  Sharing everything that is good in life is a reward by itself.  I am blessed to be able to do just that.  So please enjoy these books and I hope it can help your life with children be just a little bit easier.” 

Visit https://hcmchildrensbooks.com/ to learn more. 

About the book publisher, MindStir Media: 

MindStir Media LLC is a one-stop shop for authors. Mindstir handles all aspects of book publishing, including illustration, design, editing, printing, distribution and more. To learn more about publishing a book with MindStir Media, visit http://www.mindstirmedia.com or call 800-767-0531.

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