Plastic Card Online Offers Creative Designs and Competitive Price for Business and Individuals 1
Plastic Card Online is the pioneer of plastic card design and printing. It offers various designs of a plastic card with the cheapest price in the market.

Plastic Card Online is a global plastic card printing company that is located in Hong Kong. With almost ten years of experience in the industry, this plastic card company has figured out the best method and technology to deliver satisfying results and high-quality plastic cards for its clients. In its 20,000 square feet production area, Plastic Card Online prints over 20 million pieces of various types of plastic cards every month. Due to its convenient online service, the clients of this company don’t only come from Hong Kong, but also more than 80 other countries all over the globe.

Plastic Card Online Offers Creative Designs and Competitive Price for Business and Individuals 

Plastic card prices of Plastic Card Online are competitive. The price of the cards starts from $100 for 500 high-quality pieces of plastic cards. This company doesn’t offer the lowest price in the market, but this is because Plastic Card Online only uses the best plastic materials as well as the most advanced equipment in the industry. It uses ISO standard new PVC plastic and not recycled plastic. The difference between new and recycled PVC can be seen on the edges of the card. Cards made of recycled plastic has rough edges. Meanwhile, Plastic Card Online’s cards have smooth and flawless edges.

Mostly, plastic card printing companies utilize digital or thermal printing. Plastic Card Online is different in this regard as well. This company uses Heidelberg machine, which is usually used to print credit cards. As a result, the company can deliver the best quality cards for its clients.

Besides cheap loyalty cards, business cards, VIP cards and the other types of cards, this company also can print door hangers, key tags, and luggage tags. It also offers clear background car printing, which is currently very popular. Customers also can request double-sided full colour cards, embossing, barcode and a magnetic strip on their cards.

About Plastic Card Online

Plastic Card Online is a reputable plastic card printing company located in Hong Kong. The company was established in 2008 and for the past ten years, Plastic Card Online has served clients from over 80 countries all over the globe. It produces at least 20 million pieces of plastic card for both businesses and individuals. Plastic Card Online only uses new high-grade PVC plastic to ensure durability and flawless appearance. However, the plastic cards are recyclable so they are eco-friendly.

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