Canada has in general, an overall $26 Billion Cannabis Industry. The licensing of retail vendors varies from Province to Province but which is said to bring the government up to $5 billion in tax revenues. Expertise is required to police the age restriction, in which in several provinces are not the same.  In Ontario, the legal age for marijuana is set at 19 years which is the same as for alcohol.  However, in Quebec, it is the same as alcohol restriction which is 18 years and older.  

There is a difference of opinion with other organizations.  Ontario maintain the 19 years age limit, above the normal but the same for alcohol will prevent the younger generation moving to illegal sources for drugs.  The Canadian Pediatric Society aintains the legal age should be 18 years or older whilst the Canadian Medical Specialists Society wants the minimum age set at 21. Quite a difference of opinions. These are not the only criteria to be considered.  

For example:

  • Quebec Police maintain they are not ready to deal with Pot Smoking drivers.  They maintain their duty to enforce the law has been undermined.  They also maintain that the government owned liquor commission should be responsible for buying and distributing the product in any form.  Sales will be left to a new arm of the SAQ.
  • In Ontario, they have made provision for as many as 150 shops to sell marijuana all owned by a government-controlled body not the SAQ (Alcohol control Society). 
  • Montreal will not give consent to the SAQ controlling the sale and distribution of marijuana as they are more concerned with the promotion of alcohol. 
  • Ottawa will only make marijuana legal as from the 17th October this year.  No decisions have been taken on the distribution and sale of the product. 
  • New Brunswick are busy discussing to market various legalized marijuana products which will mean collection agencies might have a hard time being paid for the substances containing marijuana. 

Children over 18 do not fall under the child protective services and it is more difficult for them to get help especially when the parents find themselves stuck with drug problems. 

Doug Ford, the new Minister of Health in Ontario, sworn in on June 29th 2018 has already resulted in some implications regarding drugs.  Children with free prescription for drugs has been limited to those with no health cover.  Any private health cover children will not be able to obtain free prescriptions for drugs.  

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