Top Reasons Why Trying the Best Virgin Hair Extensions is Worth it 1
Top Reasons Why Trying the Best Virgin Hair Extensions is Worth it 2

Virgin hair products today have become immensely popular with maximum women opting for natural extensions regardless of the higher prices as that of synthetic. Besides, it is also largely used because it sheds and tangles less and retains the natural movements when it is worn. In fact, if one uses the best virgin extensions, it will be difficult for others to find out whether it is real or artificial. This is one big reason why these extensions are more desirable than others.

Common methods that professional stylists use while attaching virgin hair extensions

1. Taped in method – Here the stylist uses a double-sided tape for attaching the hair wefts in small sections to the natural fur.
2. Fusion method – Here heat is used for fusing individual keratin tipped hair strands into the natural mane.

3. Sewed-in weave method – Here one’s natural mane will be French braided in rows from ear to ear or in a circle. Then the thread will be used for weaving the wefts or sewing the wefts into French braids.

Benefits of using virgin hair extensions

Since times immemorial luscious hair has been every woman’s best friend. And if a woman has short or thin hair, then virgin extensions can do the trick. Below are top reasons why trying these best virgin hair extensions is worth it-

Firstly, it will perfectly blend with one’s natural fur. If a woman wears it in the shade similar to their original shade, then nobody will see the difference. It will act as an excellent crowning glory.

Secondly, clip-in extensions will be easy to use, which means every woman can be their own stylist.

Thirdly, these extensions can be styled and colored as per one pleases so no matter which style they have in mind they can attain it.

Fourthly, along with flattering lengths, these extensions can help in adding impressive volume, thereby making it an ideal choice for women having thin hair.

Lastly, sewn-in weft hair extensions, in fact, are just ideal for women who wish each day in being a wonderful day. It needs low maintenance and provides versatile tresses which are easy both to style as well as care for.

Women prefer to use Virgin products as it is a close match when it comes to their own. It retains its shine and natural softness as it has ample natural oils this came with. When worn these will tangle less which means it will not get damaged easily during combing as well as will last longer compared to other varieties of extensions. Besides styling them is easier compared to others and will help in retaining the style for a longer time.

Stylists prefer using virgin extensions as it is easy to dye the extension’s color to match the original color exactly thereby opening room for a lot of possibilities to enjoy a complete makeover. Brazilian virgin and the wavy Indian Remy wigs are being used by many ladies worldwide and have been appreciated. The amazing Brazilian hair extensions blend well with most natural ethnic textures which can last for a year or more with proper care.

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