Top Ten Rankings Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners, German Brand Liectroux Becomes A Black Dark Horse 1

The unparalleled convenience and user-friendly design of the robot vacuum cleaners have gradually replaced the vacuum cleaner as the main tool for home cleaning. With the increasing popularity of robot vacuum cleaners, major brand manufacturers have put into production of robot vacuum cleaners. Brand manufacturers also try their best to survive in the fierce competition. They try to improve their market and consumer preference rankings and improve the ranking of their robot vacuum cleaner brand. The market of robot vacuum cleaners is full of all kinds of brands.

Metabolism is an inevitable trend. And traditional brands will decline and new brands will emerge. According to the latest top ten rankings of robot vacuum cleaners. Traditional strong brands like Irobot, Ecovacs continue to rank in the top five. Haier, Mijia and other domestic brands have also entered the top ten of robot vacuum cleaners and allow us see the power of domestic brands. The most eye-catching brand should be the military-born German Liectroux. Relying on sophisticated and humanized design of German military industry, German Liectroux has attracted many consumers and counterattack all the way to become the biggest black horse and rank in the top of the list.

Ranking Top 1: German LIECTROUX

In terms of corporate culture and corporate strength, Liectroux maintains the meticulous characteristics of German companies.  (You can view the website: or And with the world’s leading product research and development strength, the robot vacuum cleaners that German Liectroux developed has become one of the most favored products in the New Year home appliance market in 2018. The market share of retail channel robot vacuum cleaners reached 34.8%, with an increase of 8 percentage points year-on-year, leading the robot vacuum cleaner industry. Regarding the specific design and use experience of the robot, the intelligence and convenience of this robot is also unparalleled. Its built-in chip can carry out map plane memory and automatically plan cleaning route and cleaning method. Its corner cleaning effect is good. The planar memory technology is also suitable for a wide range of cleaning and it has a wide range of cleaning applications. About the cleaning technology, it possesses suck and wipe function. It has a strong suction power to make stubborn stains go without a trace. Liectroux is undoubtedly the biggest black horse, and it is definitely a rising star. It’s amazing but not surprising that German Liectroux becomes the leader.

Top Ten Rankings Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners, German Brand Liectroux Becomes A Black Dark Horse

Ranking Top 2: American Irobot

As a diversified high-tech manufacturing company, the highly intelligent operating system and strict military manufacturing process is Irobot’s label. Irobot has adapted to the vigorous development of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner market in recent years and gradually shifted its focus to intelligent robot vacuum cleaners. When entering the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner market, its degree of specialization has been praised. And people’s ideas about intelligent robots have been updated again and again. Irobot has also won many awards such as Time Magazine Innovation Invention Award and Red Dot Design Award. It has developed rapidly and has a good prospect. It is a trustworthy brand.

Ranking Top 3: Xiaomi

If you want to choose domestically-made conscience products, then you can choose Xiaomi. Xiaomi has always been the representative of low-cost and high-quality. Mijia intelligent robot vacuum cleaners has very good texture like Xiaomi. High-precision laser ranging, full of science and technology. And it can intelligently plan the route and very humane. By adopting the SLAM algorithm, it can well deal with complex environment. And with multi-sensors work together, so its cleaning effect is excellent. Xiaomi’s robot vacuum cleaners also shines in the Chinese market and becomes the preferred robot vacuum cleaner for consumers.

Ranking Top 4:

Ecovacs is also a well-known brand in China and it has a high status in home appliances. It is a veteran robot vacuum cleaners robot manufacturer. In the brand share of China’s robot vacuum cleaners. Ecovacs has always been a leader, and it is one of the best in the world. And it well solves the water volume problem when sweeping and mopping the floor. Supercharged flow control technology, constant pressure floating design, these designs have well solved some of the industry problems well. Intelligent scientific calculations allow it to achieve dragging so that it can achieve dry dragging immediately after it has been mopped. And its water control is just appropriate. Its cleaning effect is very impressive.

Ranking Top 5

TOMEFON is the former king. It has passed the testing of the world’s most rigorous American Home Appliance Manufacturers Association (AHAM) for five consecutive years and once occupied 80% of the market share in Europe. This undoubtedly proves TOMEFON’s unparalleled quality control ability and market influence ability. The latest TOMEFON robots have achieved the real “brain-possessed, eyes-possesses, memories-possessed”. The brains can plan, eyes can scan and build maps, memories can memorize maps. brains that can only be planned, eyes can scan and build maps, memories can memorize maps to make it easier for the next cleaning. Its intelligence is very impressive. However, his cost performance and noise reduction ability are really don’t dare to complimented.

Ranking Top 6:

Haier Electric is one of the most well-known, successful internationalized electrical appliance brands in China. After entering the robot vacuum cleaner market, the company put the focus of the development on the diversification of the plot mode and is committed to improving the cleaning rate and cleaning effect. Haier HB-X300Gplus possesses a variety of intelligent cleaning modes such as automatic cleaning mode and edge cleaning mode etc. These cleaning modes make its cleaning ability even stronger. It is also equipped with a TAB wet dragging system instead of manual cleaning. It possesses variable frequency suction, its cleaning is very efficient. Its products are very sophisticated and it is a domestically-made conscience robot vacuum cleaner brand.

Ranking Top 7:

Philips not only produces a razor. As the top presence of the world’s largest electronics companies, Philips is one of the world’s largest electronics companies. Its popularity is needless to say. Philips intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has a fair price and is worth possessing.

Ranking Top 8:

Samsung has a high positioning and superior performance. But its price is high and cost performance is not high. However, Samsung’s unique design sense and huge global influence naturally makes it owns a share in the market.

Ranking Top 9:

The Midea robot vacuum cleaner is very characteristic in noise reduction, as if it is soft and whisper and will not disturb the normal work and break. With its excellent cost performance, it is also worth buying.

Ranking Top 10:

The influence of this brand is not as good as Xiaomi, Samsung in China  but its cleaning effect is very good and the high cost performance makes it enjoy a part of the market.

Among the top ten rankings of robot vacuum cleaners, there are traditional strong brands and emerging forces. But people can not blindly believe in this brand or believe in this ranking. There are many new products worth buying, Liectroux DH860, TOMEFON, and Haier are all worth buying brands. In addition, the Mijia robot vacuum cleaner that can use SLAM algorithm to deal with the complicated situation. Philips robot vacuum cleaner that has good shape and good price and excellent noise reduction can also be considered. Which brand of robot vacuum cleaner is good? In the end, there is no absolute ranking, only relative needs. The most important thing is to choose the most suitable robot vacuum cleaner according to your own needs.

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