American Bloggers gather in Miami Swimwear Week, UPLIVE Blasts 2018 Miami Beach 1
American Bloggers gather in Miami Swimwear Week, UPLIVE Blasts 2018 Miami Beach 2
UPLIVE Miami Swim Week

Starting from July 12th, the world’s largest swimwear fashion event “Miami Swimwear Week” is in full swing. This summer, the hot Miami Beach brings together latest season swimwear, fashion bloggers, as well as eye-catching and emerging models. Imagine the passion of the sun and fashion when you are in the fascinating Miami. How can you miss this swimsuit

No matter where you are in the world, if you want to get a closer look at hot swimsuit models, or learn about the most trendy swimwear fashion information, or if you just want to pick the best swimwear for your coming vacation, just let the world’s top swimwear designers, fashion models, bloggers, and stylists ​​to give you some ideas!

UPLIVE, as a global popular live broadcast platform, is the first one to collaborate and report the Miami Swimwear Week in 2018. It is covering the most popular swimwear fashion show, including Monica Hansen, Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman, and etc., interviewing and interacting with designers, fashion bloggers, photographers, and celebrities to let its audience experience the event from miles away.

Baes and Bikinis, founded in California, consistently implemented its style of minimalist and elegant. If you are tired of sweet and lovely style, or wild and sexy style, Baes and Bikinis will definitely give you more choices. The lace on the design is perfect for resort look and high waist will highlight the curve. 

The supermodel Monica Hansen’s eponymous brand will bring its new collection of modern and sporty style this year. It is bringing the breeze of western Hollywood’s Santa Monica Beach to Miami and the East Coast. If you are an outdoor sports and fitness enthusiast, then this series is definitely not to be missed.

At the same time, Monday Swimwear, founded by the fashion swimwear appreciator, is launching its unique concept, the Monday Off-Work collection. Moreover, Aguaclara, inspired by Amazon Rainforest, will interpret the creative jungle swimwear collection. All shows will be on UPLIVE!

In addition, the live broadcast will also take you to the back of the scene, to feel more about the Miami Swim Week, so that you can live in the summer without leaving your cool house.

More importantly, in addition to the sea breeze, the sun, the show, UPLIVE will also take you to participate in the hottest summer party of each brand. Through your phone, you can feel the atmosphere, interact with other participants, and enjoy the live music

Together with the charm of fashion and swimwear in UPLIVE, let’s meet the high-end unique swimwear fashion in the hot air of Miami fashion brand, and meet the hottest Miami Swimwear Week!

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