You work in an office and find that you are always rubbing the back of your neck unconsciously. Or perhaps your work is laborious and every time you lift heavy boxes, there is a pinching sensation on your spine. If you are a construction worker, it’s worse – you have been feeling the loss of muscle power you once relied upon heavily. Back pain can slow you down. This back pain can limit your movement eventually affecting your life, preventing you from doing things that you once did well. This is the kind of pain that needs immediate attention and failing to do so can destroy your being. 

So, when should you see your doctor? The answer is, as soon as possible in order to prevent further injury or pain. If you are feeling discomfort and the pain doesn’t go away in a day or two, or is recurring, a doctor is the first professional you need to seek. A general practitioner assigned to you by your health care provider like Rally Health will carefully listen to your story and if needed, refer to a specialist. There are many kinds of specialists to begin with, but it is usually best to start with your primary care physician and they can give you more provider information.

It is not a secret that having a good posture while sitting or standing will keep your spine stronger. There is an important site and many other resources that will help you attain good postures. Some of them also teach you exercise that make your back pain go away on its own. So, listen to your pain and take the right action.

Will your general care practitioner refer to a chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist? You won’t know until you are prescribed one. On the other hand, it is always better to be informed about what each of these specialists do and how they approach your back pain. Chiropractors believe that all patient’s back issues lie in the misalignment of spine. So, they properly align the spine with their hands. The rest of the body will follow. The back pain may subside eventually, or it may not depending on the person’s daily habits, health conditions and other reasons. Osteopath do mobilizations on the patient with back pain and perform manipulations wherever needed. Physiotherapists correct the impairment or reduce pain through range of motions, heat therapy, ultrasound or electricity, whatever the condition calls for in the patient. 

Again, note that treatments can be effective if done correctly, and if you are lucky, you may not have to do a follow-up visit. In other cases, back pain may require surgery done by an orthopedic surgeon. The advice here is to always speak with your practitioner, have the provider information in hand and be comfortable with what to expect. Note that a patient will go through surgery when everything else has failed to work. You must also realize that after surgery, the back needs time to recover fully which means further treatment may or may not be necessary depending on recovering ability.

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