Blockchain Technology Now Made Feasible to the Steel Industry with Sukaya 1

Blockchain in recent time have become a vital part of the financial and investment world,  everybody seems to be joining the league of crypto investors today and the daily room is being created to accommodate several professions in it. Ever heard of Blockchain introduction to the steel industry? Well, this is made possible with  Sukaya, an investment platform that allows blockchain software for the steel industry and a fiat to cryptocurrency exchange which gives its SUY token holders a solid monthly ROI.

Sukaya provides quality and efficiency while performing a transparent transaction to its clients. In the use of construction, the quality of steel is being traced to ascertain their durability, loads of paperwork is put into place too. Although getting authenticity for paperwork can be a liability but nonetheless, to prove the process, a software using blockchain is developed, then follows a top-notch trading platform and cryptocurrency exchange.

The Sukaya ICO pre-investors phase has begun since the 15th of June 2018, the SUY token price is 0.05$ with a minimum amount of buying 1000 SUY tokens. Payments can be done with BTC, BTC Cash, LTC, and ETH. Pre-investors who acquire 200,000 SUY tokens and deposit 1 BTC to one of the SUY shareholders will get the offer to participate right away in a private pool of our trading boots gaining a monthly ROI with weekly withdrawals.

However, as a result of the volatility of cryptocurrencies, people are beginning to see it more as a gamble than an actual investment but be rest assured that with us Sukaya, our security protocol has been fully equipped to keep your online investment security tight from start to finish with a monthly fixed ROI.  Hurry and join our ICO movement, start investing today.

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