Leading real estate company, Chelle Service Capital Inc., aims to ease the process of buying and real estate with the launch of digital currency – the Chelle coin

Chelle Service Capital Inc. is the parent company of Chelle Corp., a company that is focused on helping clients maximize their earning potential by acquiring premium real estate properties. The company has taken its services a notch higher with the aim of solving many of the problems currently faced by the different stakeholders in real estate sector by launching its digital currency – the Chelle coin, to make purchases and investments easier and more secure.

The real estate sector is one of the fastest growing sectors across the globe. Consequently, the sectors have attracted interest from traders and investors, who are looking to benefit from the growth of the sector. However, the sector has faced several challenges that have made it a bit difficult for stakeholders to fully harness the immense features and benefits of the sector. Some of these challenges include difficulty in making payments and relatively insecurity that currently exists with the use of traditional payment methods. Chelle Service Capital is, therefore, proposing a solution with the launch of an ERC20 protocol based cryptocurrency – the Chelle Coin.

The solution is a result of years of research and careful analysis of the current problems in the real estate sector. The launch of the coin will ensure that traders and investors are able to make purchases and investments in real estate easier, more efficient, and more secure than traditional means. The launch will also come as a respite to holders of Bitcoin and other forms of digital currency that are currently struggling to purchase properties with their cryptocurrency holdings.

The launch of the Chelle coin will help in reducing lengthy wait times for fiat payments, exchange rates and fees issues, inability to cash out large amounts of cryptocurrency quickly, and the lack of adequate payment processors for large crypto transactions for real estate.

The Chelle platform will be offering a two-way solution to users – allowing users to exchange other digital currencies with Chelle coin and leverages its network and expertise to process large crypto transactions for real estate purchases quickly and at low fees.

CHL, as the token is called, will have an allocation cap of 40,000,000 tokens, which will be circulated to the public. The goal of the token sale is to raise a total of $76,500,000, which will be used for different purposes including creation, liquidity, and maintenance of the platform, contingency, repair, closing costs, and leveraged property.

The launch of the platform and subsequent launch of Chelle’s custom app will reduce fiat withdrawal times and fees, gives access to the platform with a tap of the finger, ensure that users never miss out on a deal, but more importantly, ensure a more efficient and improved real estate sector for all stakeholders.

Chelle Service Capital Inc. is combining tech and people in an unprecedented manner and the real estate industry can only expect more improvements from the launch.

More information about the services offered by Chelle Service Capital and the launch of the platform and digital currency can be found on the website.

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