After months of searching for the perfect home, or even an acceptable home, some buyers still walk away empty-handed. They are exactly where they were when they started their home-buying journey, and time may be running out. Those not willing to settle for anything less than what they’ve included on their must-have list often consider building their own home. Not only will they walk away with all of their musts, but many of their non-essentials too! The first step in building a home is the purchase of land. Not all land is created equal, however. Here are a few points homeowners must consider before purchasing a vacant lot for sale Wisconsin.

Property Conditions

The number one concern for many buyers is the condition of the property. Will there need to be a lot of excavating? How are the soil contaminants? Sometimes if another building was there, such as a gas station, the soil can be too contaminated for home development. Working with an Eau Claire realty professional can help buyers understand which types of properties are ideal for home builds.

Utility Access

If a property is located near other developments, it may already have sewage lines, power lines, and phone lines leading to it. Isolated properties may not have any utilities, so homeowners will need to build this expense into the total cost of their build. Sometimes all new utility lines are ideal for those who want the most up-to-date or environmentally friendly options.

Road Access

Isolated properties also may be difficult to access for lack of roads leading to the property. A road may even need building before the property itself breaks ground if the construction vehicles can’t access the land. This could push back the timeline of the build or increase costs for utilizing alternative routes.

Surrounding Neighborhood

One point that professional realtors, such as Elite Realty Group, will tell buyers is to always look at the surrounding neighborhood before purchasing land. If a buyer is planning on building an expensive home, they may not secure a loan, or it may not retain its value, if the surrounding homes are all priced well below the proposed home build. If all of the other structures are one-story, it can also prove difficult to obtain a permit for a two-story home.

Permits and Zoning

Even if a buyer thinks they have found the perfect property, all of their plans could come to a halt over permit and zoning restrictions. Before signing the paperwork, buyers want to make sure they understand the local rules and regulations when it comes to the property, or they may be stuck with a piece of land that they can’t build their dream home on.

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