Hendrik Leyssens to Advise the Foundation on Tailoring its Logistics Blockchain Network and its Solution to the Needs of Swissport, Other Industry Giants

Zug, Switzerland – Jul 19th, 2018 – Head of Global Operations – Cargo at Swissport International Ltd., Hendrik Leyssens, is the latest addition to Olam Foundations board of advisors, heavily comprised of C level executives from several of the world’s largest logistic companies. Leyssens’s aviation & logistics career began in Brussels in 2008 where he joined Swissport in 2012. After holding several management positions, he went on to join the Swissport Headquarters in 2016 where he currently holds the position of Head of Global Operations – Cargo. Hendrik is an experienced executive with broad and extensive understanding of supply chain management and has been key in driving standardization and digitalization of air cargo operations in the industry through his role in the Cargo IQ board.

“We’ve have been looking at potential solutions to those problems which all fragmented supply chains have been facing since forever, mainly, the chronic lack of transparency and data which results in huge losses and delays,” said Leyssens. “By allowing us to grant others access to data in an immediate yet also safe manner, it appears Olam’s neutral resolution is one that can be shared and benefited by the entire market. And not a moment too soon”.

“The value of the insight we receive from Swissport can not be understated,” says Yaron Kauffman, CTO at Olam Foundation. “As one of the world’s largest air cargo handlers, Swissport’s involvement in our project continues to solidify our non-disruptive approach of open source tools made-to-order for the industry’s giants”.

Olam is a not-for-profit foundation undertaking global supply chain inefficiencies by means of a standard, open-source platform on the blockchain, allowing various logistics stakeholders to connect and communicate seamlessly. Registered in Switzerland, the Olam Foundation harnesses blockchain technology enabling the global supply chain’s various stakeholders to seamlessly connect, communicate and develop their business in a trusted environment.

If you would like more information about the Foundation and its vision, email the Olam team at team@olam-platform.org or follow its TGE on Telegram at https://t.me/olamfoundation. The projects whitepaper and proof of concept can be accessed via the website http://olam-platform.org.

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