Canadians love renovating and more and more people are leaning this way as opposed to moving. Trends suggest nearly half of Canadians will renovate their properties in 2018. In their top of priorities, basement renovations are only second to kitchen improvements. This opens a pool of opportunities for homeowners and it’s about time basements are seen as more than just storage units and go-to places when the electrical system is experiencing issues.

Far from the quirky style we’ve been witnessing with people who won’t leave their nest or the famous That 70’s Show meet up hub, basements have come a long way in proving themselves to be a valuable space in houses. Basements are joining the luxurious add-ins conversation, especially when facing a space shortage. With careful planning and the right renovating services, anyone can transform their basement into a cozy guest room, a mini kitchen, a training area, an art studio or a chill-out area.

The main challenge in making the basement livable roots in the fact that usually they are wet, humid places and fuggy. It’s usually where the boiler or furnace live which causes the air to become depressurized. It’s also the place that faces most temperature highs and lows across seasons. The first, most thoughtful step to think about would be insulating the walls and the floors with a material that reduces heat as much as possible but it also rises resistance against moisture and dampness.

To get started, it is important to carefully plan the budget and think about the fact that basement renovation will cost per square foot. For instance, for a standard basement the most affordable companies will charge between $25 to $30 per square foot. The rule should be as square footage increases, the cost per square foot decreases. Many Canadians worry about having to deal with realtors that promise a timeline and then miss it by months turning their lives upside down, Canadian companies specialized in such services such as Basement Finishing always meet their deadline and understand the need of getting the job done as soon as possible. That’s why they put a timeframe of maximum of 3 weeks on your dream basement room.

Unfortunately, more and more Canadians distrust realtors and their services because of past unpleasant experiences which is such a pity. A 2018 Canadian IPSOS Survey reveals shocking perceptions. With Toronto being considered the most difficult place to find a trusted realtors and two in every three people reporting their trust levels dropping in contractors, according to consumers. Another 36% of Canadians also deem major renovations as being the most stressful buying process. This should never be the case: making home improvements is meant to make owners feel good and confident they are doing the right thing for their home, their family and for the future.

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