Finding a reputable property management company can be daunting. You can choose a property management agency from dozens of residential management companies operating in busier real estate markets. In fact, some of HOA agencies in the Manor Association may seem similar at first glance. Of course, everyone wants to hire a company that can provide the best property management services. Below are a few questions to ask a prospect property management company before making the critical decision. 

How Long Have You Been in the Industry? 

Homeowners’ association management companies may come and go and can leave a property owner in a bind. The best way to ensure your property lasts longer is to find a property management agency that has been in the industry for many years. Moreover, hiring a professional HOA management company with decades of experience can be helpful in handling emergency situations, legal needs, maintenance expertise, and accounting. In short, an HOA management agency with longevity is more likely to have encountered and solved many problems related to property management. 

How Many Properties Do You Manage? 

A property management agency with a lower ratio of properties to the manager is likely to have more time for and your needs than the one with a lot of workloads. Residents often equate the size of a property management agency to quality and reliable services. While you may think a small, family-run business will serve you better, this isn’t always the case. Small property management companies often lack back-up especially when staff members take time off or become ill. In contrast, large HOA management firms have vast resources and in-depth experience, which allow them to offer quality services to homeowners. 

Are Your Services Easily Accessible? 

It is crucial to work with a property management agency that you can get in touch with quickly whenever a problem arises. A reputable company such as Manor Inc is always willing to provide its clients with various contact options. For example, it’s easier to communicate with a team of property managers who have invested heavily in property management software. It can be more efficient and quicker to contact a California real estate agency using property management software than other antiquated communication means. 

What are Your Contract Terms? 

A property management contract can extend for up to two years. In such a case, a client is likely to pay a fee or get penalized for ending a property management contract early. You might need to understand the terms of an agreement before signing it to avoid penalties and additional charges. Conversely, renewing a contract every year may come with some added advantages. 

What are Your Qualifications? 

Of course, everyone wants to work with a property management agency that has the right qualifications and training to handle any issue that may arise. Work with a property management agency that has experienced professionals, and that provides its members with training and education programs. Real estate regulations and laws keep changing, and thus there is a need to work with a company that is current with industry trends.

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