Round face shape, base-down triangle, oblong face shape and heart face shaped, where do you fit? Are you “warm” or “cool”? What is your hair color, eye color, and skin tone? If you’re completely lost, don’t worry about it, most people are. If you wear prescription eyeglasses, have picked out your own prescription frames, or are an optometrist, you might have a better understanding of where this is going. Gone are the days where one just walks into any regular store, pays for a random pair of prescription glasses and move on, because there are many more factors involved in picking out the right glasses that specifically match you, your personality and your face. From eye color, hair color, facial structure and gender, the expansion in possibilities has made it possible for individuals to pick out the frames that best fits. These things might seem minuscule, but if you are planning on wearing your glasses often, this could be the very first thing a stranger notices about you and since you will be wearing it for long periods of time, you better like it and it better suit you. 

First, before picking your frames, it is important to know your eye prescription numbers, which can be cleared with a visit to your optometrist, who is certified through the American Academy of Ophthalmology. After learning the proper numbers, the fun begins and now you can embark on a journey to pick out the perfect frames.

Whether you are considered cool tone with a pink and/or blue skin tone, have blue or almost violet colored eyes and/or strawberry blond, platinum, auburn, and ash brown colored hair or warm with a yellow cast skin undertone, light cider shade, medium brown to brown colored eyes and/or golden blond, brownish black and “dirty gray” hair color, there is a frame with your name perfectly on it. For example, a glasses provider like Felix Gray offers options in khakis and turquoises, which are both great for warm tones, while options in black, darker tortoise and blue-grays are well suited for cool tones. 

Shopping can be fun and shopping for a new pair of glasses is no exception. From the colors, the shapes and the styles, the fun seems never-ending, until you look up and suddenly become overwhelmed by the plethora of options. What is the shape of your face, color of your eyes, skin undertone, hair color and overall depth of your face? These questions are already difficult to answer on your own, so it is advised to seek the help of your optometrist to find the frames that are perfect for you. After determining your prescription glasses numbers, it is important to sit down with your optometrist in answering these important questions, so you can begin to try on frames that are meant and suited best for you. Once your frames are chosen, pop in your pair of lenses, hold your head up high and show off your new fitting glasses.

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