Millions of people are battling abdominal pain and incontinence every day. Feeling bloated, strained and being unable to stop thinking about the next bathroom break can become the norm. This is how much irritable bowel syndrome interferes with a person’s day to day habits and makes it all the more challenging to live a normal healthy life. But looking ahead, there are many efforts being made to uncover the burden of this and how to solve it.

One of this efforts is made by the Canadian Gastrointestinal Society and the latest figures available from their Irritable Bowel Syndrome 2016 Survey Results where they look into the perceptions and experiences of 2,961 Canadians who battle the disease every day. Even more so, over half of them have been suffering from it for over a decade. Participants were between 30 and 69 years old from across all provinces of Canada.

Dealing with irritable bowel syndrome is complex and requires a 24 hour job. When talking about symptoms and in particular, how severe the pain experienced was 53% of participants rated it as moderate, while 31% considered it severe. About 76% of people report their symptoms interfere with their daily life and almost half (48%) report diminished quality of life.

Many people with bowel disease syndrome suffer from multiple conditions. The most associated conditions are mood disorders (32%), anxiety disorder (27%), sleep disorder (24%) or gastroesophageal reflux disease (27%).

These findings show the multifaceted burden of this disease and the need to achieve relief from multiple symptoms. In addition to this, according to the IBS Global Impact Report 2018, more than 50% of those battling the disease report to having used complementary or alternative medicine such as acupuncture or holistic nutrition.

Holistic HealthCare Centre in Maple, Canada specializes in treating and helping managing irritable bowel syndrome without having to use invasive, uncomfortable and painful methods. Moreover, therapies are aimed at stimulating inner healing power and they offer comfort and reassurance. This is exactly what a patient needs to improve their life. Easy, painless, side-effect free and efficient.

Many people experiencing stigma, internalize emotions and shy away from reaching out for help or talking about their condition. Many may face even more hurdles. It’s important to be committed to overcoming them and to work on empowering yourself through treatment and management.

An anonymous Canadian participant to the IBS study confessed he feels like his employment options are severely limited, regularly being there seems impossible and calling in sick frequently never got anyone promoted. Being able to sneak a peek into the harsh experiences that people with irritable bowel syndrome have to deal with on a daily basis means it is now more important than ever to work to meet their unmet needs.

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