The COWTOKEN project is officially launched, and the blockchain is combined with digital currency 1

Recently, the COWTOKEN project, issued by CTC International Group, is officially launched, with a total of 2 billion global presale shares, using the mechanism of “digging and releasing” to complete the distribution of CT, and 51% of the CT will be rewarded to community users through the “trading and mining” model, and 49% of CT will be allocated to private institutions and strategic partners. The companion, the founding team and the COWTOKEN Fund. According to the introduction, COWTOKEN is an autonomous digital asset trading platform, and CT is the rights voucher of the COWTOKEN trading platform itself, and it has an innovative “trading and mining” mechanism. COWTOKEN will allocate most of its income to the holders of CT immediately, and CT holders will enjoy all kinds of power of community governance. The start of the COWTOKEN project allows traders and investors to secure any scale of trade in order to achieve the company’s goal of evolving into the community and supervising technology.

The COWTOKEN project is officially launched, and the blockchain is combined with digital currency 2

It is reported that COWTOKEN is a community-based organization that is shared, shared and shared by all CT holders. Each CT has the right to participate in community activities such as business decision-making, team election, and other community activities. In addition, COWTOKEN (CT) is the first to create “trading is mining” model, more than half of the CT will be rewarded to community users through the form of handling fees, according to the proportional distribution system, 80% of the income is allocated to the CT holders.

Referring to the application technology of blockchain, the founder of COWTOKEN said that the COWTOKEN project uses the principle of cross chain segment technology to realize the function of the cross chain purse and provide a secure and stable exchange. In order to meet the needs of the enterprise level high performance blockchain application, the distributed service architecture DSP is designed in the COWTOKEN technology platform. In data storage, it reduces the unnecessary waste in verification and transaction, and lays a solid foundation for mobile operation. COWTOKEN is mainly used in exchange, technical background, trading mining, combined with artificial intelligence, large data, finance, robotics, Internet of things, cloud services and other new technologies, such as health care, transportation, IP, new energy vehicles, organic agriculture, distributed energy, time, food, commerce, finance, games, etc. The industry popularized the landing application.

It is understood that COWTOKEN has a strong team line-up, which provides a broad platform and development space for it. The main team is the technical team of the British listed company, the founder of which is Xiao DA and Wang Nai. Shaw graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2014 and got a master’s degree in safety information. He wrote the paper “Zeroanonymous: using the zero currency agreement and private address theory to realize the anonymous transaction of bitcoin”. Before developing the zero currency in full time, it had been in True Corporation, Microsoft and Accenture. The organization is involved in the work. Wang Nai has developed experience in C++, C#, Python, Perl, Java and so on. Since 2013, he has been involved in encrypting money related work with comprehensive development ability from Python and C++ underlying API protocols to Android in Android. In addition, in 2012-2016, a doctorate in machine learning was studied at German university.

The de centralization, non tamperability and value chain of blockchain have led to profound changes in production relations, and a new world has been built. The COWTOKEN project has promoted the changes in the corporate and regulatory governance structure, the digital asset trading platform, and the use of scientific data to drive the future.

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