Document management is a computer process done to monitor, track and even save certain documents. It can also be a cloud system that helps keep records of various important documents. Older versions of a revised document are typically stored in this type of system, as well as invoices and other valuable files for the business. This also holds the right documents needed for certain evidence in regard to important events in a business such as policy changes, contracts, and work guidelines. These help businesses comply well to avoid non-compliance issues and to help raise a business’s reputation if an incident happens.

These main functions of a document management system can hold as a great asset to the business. It’s really amazing to know that apps such as Lucion exist in order to provide a more secure and efficient means to handle the most important documents that can preserve the longevity of a business. That’s why every user must understand what key components are present in a DMS as these will prove the overall usefulness of the app as well. Here are the following:

Document Index

This is the process of tagging documents in different terms needed for easier means of searching the file. This helps users find documents in just a second, rather than scanning every part of the computer just to find it. There are different levels of document indexing for every app built for the sake of document management. But the best DMS out there can index all types of documents, its revisions and the metadata associated to it. Content recognition and document numbering serve as bonus features as well.

Document Input and Search

A certain document must be inputted in various means as it may serve importance to the company for different purposes. This type of system also defines a very functional and responsive business as well. That’s why the DMS should have scanners, e-mail services, the capability to upload large and numerous amounts of data, a mobile version of the program or a web-based app. A document search feature is also a very important tool in a DMS as it helps track documents in a few seconds. This is perfect if the DMS as a document indexing feature.


Most high-quality DMS nowadays contain automation to the workflow done to documents. This is perfect for enterprises as it makes workflow easier to monitor and handle and is very time-consuming. The right automation should contain document routing for faster delivery, business process modeling for making good strategies and consistent business reports, faster and automatic development of records with capability to update records and setting up document actions.

The Dashboard

Most SaaS and office apps often have a dashboard that helps users view everything at an easier rate. All modern office apps have a dashboard. That’s why the best DMS should always have one ready. Note that not everyone is computer-savvy at all. That’s why things needed to be simplified. The dashboard should contain an inbox for documents and workflow management aside from e-mails. It should also contain the capability to provide notifications and not just reports. The app should also have an organizer such as charts and a calendar as well.

Security Measures

Lastly, a high level of security must be needed to compensate for the simplicity of the user interface. The most notable feature present for the sake of security is high-level encryption. This is followed by audit trails, setting users and their roles (e.g. admin rights), advanced settings for placing the access rights of a role, revision indexing, and SSL. Apps such as Filecenter on Amazon is known to have the ability to index revisions and to conduct audit trails.

Every responsible business owner should have this present to ensure that everything is under control. After all, it’s the files that keep the business alive as ever worker and owner stores every activity in it by the end of the day.

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