Planning any vacation can be a daunting task. No matter how beautiful the area you’re planning on visiting may be or how friendly the locals are, hotel reservations and booking flights is always a scary proposal. If you’re planning on visiting the Caribbean, we’ve put together this guide of helpful tips and information to help you have a truly relaxing vacation! 

The Caribbean 

The Caribbean is a million square mile area off the coast of Central America with over 28 nations and over 7,000 individual islands! It’s home to diverse flora and fauna and there’s always something interesting to do! The most visited areas are the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas boasting a combined total of over 16 million tourists in 2017. When a locale can draw that many people you know it has to be an exciting place. Click here for info

Many travel agencies offer bundle deals that allow you to visit multiple islands or areas in one trip. This can help you stay within a budget and get the most out of your vacation with minimal stress. Another option is to fly into one of the larger countries or islands and then book a tourist cruise that may visit several different islands and areas! 

Getting There Safely 

The first part of any vacation is getting to your destination quickly, safely, and most importantly, in style! Thanks to the number of visitors to the region many options are available. Many airlines have regular flights to different islands, including: Jetblue, Delta, and United. If flying isn’t quite your speed, there are also a number of cruise lines that visit several islands but at a much higher cost and with a much more restricted schedule. The best bet for a safe and exciting vacation is to get there fast and pack in as many activities as you can, including laying on the beach doing absolutely nothing! 

If supporting the places you visit is important to you, Caribbean Airlines is a locally owned and operated airlines offering service to many locations in the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America, including Canada! They are also currently the largest airline in the region and have an amazing safety record and a focus on customer service. They also have a nonstop flight between their flight hub at Piarco International Airport and London. 

During Your Stay 

A critical component of any vacation is where you spend your nights. Many vacations have been ruined by leaking roofs, poor customer service, or creepy-crawlies climbing over your things. This is why knowing you’re booking a reputable and trustworthy hotel or lodging is so important. While you can find hotels online, we’ve gone ahead and found a few lists that are already out there for you! 

However, a few other options exist as well that help support the local economy and can give your vacation that little boost to make it as perfect as possible. Companies like Exceptional Villas have great reviews and offer amazing lodging across many islands and countries in the Caribbean at affordable rates. 

A Final Tip 

Hopefully your vacation will go smoothly in such an amazing place, but as always, remember to be aware of your surroundings! The most important part of a vacation is to be submersed in the area and its history and sights instead of a phone or the internet. No matter what your budget is or what you like to do, there’s something for everyone in the Caribbean!

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