Wei Wallet is one of the simplest Ethereum wallets that has been designed for use by everyone. Originally available in Japanese Language only, Wei has released an English version of the application to cater to a wider audience and the mobile browser version is expected to be released soon. The wallet which is quickly gaining popularity uses an open source framework(Github) for easy interaction and safety in blockchain networks.

The Ethereum blockchain application is a decentralized platform and users can carry out transactions without any possibility of censorship, downtime or interference from a third party. Wei Wallet offers users a secure and convenient access to tokens and its specialization in Ethereum makes it very simple and easy to USG.

The Ethereum wallet application has been designed to offer users convenience. A user can easily create their own Ethereum wallet with a single tap from installing the application. There are numerous wallets being constantly released in the cryptocurrency market and what makes Wei Wallet completely unique is that it offers smooth remittance and receipt which are completed quickly. A user can easily confirm transactions which they have made by simply checking the transaction history from the application.

The use of digital currency has quickly picked-up over the last couple of years and this massive growth has attracted various forms of insecurities such as hacking, scamming and phishing. Wei Wallet provides users with security in form of a security key which is securely managed from every user’s terminal. Operations cannot be viewed by anyone and they are not managed by the server Wei Wallet’s back up key can be used to restore the enterprise in the wallet at any time. If the wallet becomes unusable as a result of model change, loss or malfunction of the user’s smartphone, this backup key can be used to restore the wallet in a new smartphone. Wei plans to release the ERC721 and ERC20 tokens soon.

The wallet is available in iOS version 1.2.0 or later and it can be downloaded from App Store. Wei Wallet is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Android version is coming soon.

About Popshoot, inc.

Popshoot, inc. is a company in Tokyo, Japan which operates virtual currency storage, remittance, and other related services. Their wallet is one of the simplest and easy-to-use by everyone everywhere. The company has put measures in place to ensure that users can quickly and safely carry out transactions using the smartphone-compatible open source ether-wallet application. 

In case of any queries, drop a message to team@popshoot.co.jp

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