If you have children in school or if you’re a teacher, you may feel astounded at the ways in which education is different from when you were a kid. While chalk and blackboards certainly haven’t permanently retired, these tools are part of a much broader learning experience now. Instead of relying merely on pen and paper, educational systems have integrated more digital tools, and you can learn some of the reasons why such methods of instruction are useful and important. 

Continuing Education 

From the time that children learn to read, they are often introduced to technology. Whether they are reading on a tablet or reading a book that talks with them, the experience is different from looking at pages of text without instruction. Since children are already used to these methods, infusing technology into the classroom helps them to continue on a path with which they are familiar. While introducing new methods is also important, so is using instruments of learning that are already in the students’ tool kits. 

Offering Updated Information 

If you think back to your college days, you might remember constantly having to purchase the newest edition of a book. Perhaps you wondered why you couldn’t simply use the same version from the previous semester. The answer is that new editions of many instructional books come out on a fairly regular basis. Instead of schools and teachers having to supply new books consistently, they can turn to technology for at least some of the lessons as these tools are updated with greater ease. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development  and department chairs are valuable sources of information in helping to determine which lessons to take online. 

Interacting with Learning 

Sometimes, taking notes while listening to a lecture is a necessary strategy for absorbing information. However, in many cases, it is better to interact with the material to gain a fuller grasp on it. It’s not necessarily possible to go to the lab to work on a science project or to sit outside for introspective journal writing every day. Therefore, teachers can help their students to better interact with their learning experiences by providing them with activities to complete through virtual platforms. 

Connecting with Parents 

When parents are invested in the educational experiences of their children, they often want to know what is going on in the classroom. ClassDojo emphasizes the importance of these connections. However, it is virtually impossible for a teacher to call every parent every day. With an online platform, however, teachers and parents can more readily and easily interact with one another. An online portal, for example, can give parents greater access to and information about what their kids are doing at school so that they can bolster the learning experience at home. 

The modern classroom is, in some ways, much different from what a school looked like several decades ago. While some strong methods of instruction have remained in place, educational entities have also made room for technological tools that empower students and inspire learning.

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