Do you know how to setup Linksys router? how to secure a WiFi password from neighbours? If not, Here is the Support Team and You can learn on how to configure a Linksys WiFi router through IP and More at one place.

Knowing which address is yours is very simple: you just have to look under your router and there you will find your address. The most common of all is, but as you have seen this may vary slightly. Under your router, next to the Private IP address, you will also find the default username and password to access your router, from where you can configure your network.

On this occasion, we are talking about the private IP address that identifies our router. Sometimes this address can vary depending on the brand of your router, but the three most common addresses are, the and With this IP address we can access our router and configure the entire wireless network of our home to our liking, but how can we find out which is the specific address of our router?

How to access the LinkSys router configuration? is the most commonly used to access the Linksys router configuration web page. Users usually access this page to configure or change the wireless security mode, set or change the SSID (network name) and set or change the security key of the network.

Turn on your router and connect the computer with an Ethernet cable to one of the four Ethernet ports located on the back of the device. Note that Linksys routers require you to connect to the router using the Ethernet method and it is not compatible with this connection through wireless or broadband connection.

Start the web browser of your computer. Then, enter “” in the browser’s address bar and press the “Enter” or “Return” key.
Enter the username and password. (These data are configured by default and appear in the same router, in the bottom part.)

Click on the “Wireless” menu option. Then configure the “Configuration View” in “Manual” to see the SSID (Network Name) in use by your broadband network.

Choose the “Wireless Security” menu option. Keep in mind the “Security Mode” and the “Passphrase” in use on the network. If they are not configured, you can enter them now. For the newest Linksys routers, you will be asked to enter four passwords for your network.

The “TX Key” entry will correspond to the password that will be active in the network. Unlike pure Windows applications, passwords or phrases from Linksys wireless networks are case-sensitive.

Close session in the configuration menu of the Linksys router and disconnect the router’s computer.

This is the Guide on Linksys Router Configuration and Get Any support for all Linksys routers and range extenders.

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