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Fairfax, Virginia – July 20, 2018 – 321 Web Marketing, a Fairfax insurance digital marketing agency, recently published a blog post explaining how content marketing can help insurance agencies increase their sales. Content marketing involves using the blog posts, website pages, photos, and other pieces of content on an agency’s website as advertising tools.

Many businesses may feel overwhelmed by all of the advertising options they can pursue. They may have heard that traditional forms of advertising, such as television or magazine ads, are no longer the most effective forms of spreading the news about their services. Digital marketing, though, can seem like a vast and unfamiliar space. By using content marketing, insurance agencies can simplify the digital marketing process while also increasing their sales.

Content marketing serves multiple purposes. First, it can help websites be ranked more highly in search results through search engine optimization, or SEO, which involves using keywords in your content to make it easier for search engines to find. As people are more likely to click on websites that are ranked higher, placement on the first page of search results could translate to more sales. Content marketing can also help potential clients trust your agency and position it as an expert in the field. Clients are seeking valuable, helpful information that they can use to make important decisions, and providing them with educational content can demonstrate your agency’s expertise and encourage readers to purchase policies from your agency. By posting website content on social media, your agency can further expand its reach and become more visible to a wider range of potential clients. All of these factors combine to increase traffic to your website and provide your agency with data that can be used to fine tune campaigns and generate more sales.

321 Web Design is a Northern Virginia digital marketing agency with years of experience in creating quality content for insurance agencies. Its team of skilled digital marketers completes extensive keyword, industry, competitor, and audience research to create customized marketing plans for each client, ensuring that the content created is as effective as possible. 321 Web Design monitors campaigns to make adjustments after launching them and aims to provide clients with a steady stream of qualified leads each day within six months of launch. Speak with a marketing professional to get more information or to schedule a free digital marketing consultation. The agency can be reached at 703-810-7557 or online at https://www.321webmarketing.com/. 321 Web Marketing is headquartered at 3925 Old Lee Highway, Suite 53-C, Fairfax, VA 22030.

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